Choosing the Right Turnstile Equipment for Your Project

Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires you to consider a few key things. They include your budget, end goal, and customization requirements.

From full height turnstiles that offer unparalleled security to barrier free optical turnstiles that merely sense when people pass through them, there are many different options to choose from.

1. Security

Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires understanding your specific security needs and budget. Additionally, you must choose a reliable turnstile manufacturer that meets all industry standards and minimum safety requirements.

A turnstile is a highly technical piece of equipment that only allows authorised people to enter and exit the facility. They also act as a deterrent against unauthorized people attempting to break in.

Physical security can include surveillance cameras, sensors, and water, smoke and fire detectors. It can also include access control systems that track who is entering and exiting the facility during regular hours or overnight.

Security measures at key entry points help you control who can enter your facility and alert you to potential problems, such as unauthorized visitors or theft of sensitive information. These measures also help you protect business-critical areas inside, such as labs or server rooms.

2. Design

Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires understanding the number of people who will need to pass through, as well as the security features that you require. In addition, you must consider how the barrier will be installed and whether it will be located in an environment that is susceptible to corrosive weather conditions, chemicals or UV rays.

For example, if you will be using a turnstile in a public area that will be prone to rust and corrosion, you might want to choose a model made of 316 stainless steel. On the other hand, if you will be deploying a turnstile in a prestigious indoor environment like a bank or university, you might opt for a model that is crafted from glass to enhance its appearance.

Moreover, you must ensure that the turnstile you select will work in conjunction with your existing access control system, or integrate with other third-party components to create an entrance security strategy that works in tandem with your business. The best way to ensure this is by choosing a reliable turnstile manufacturer.

3. Installation

Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires a lot of careful consideration. It must be able to meet your facility’s unique needs and integrate well with your existing access control system.

Turnstiles are a great way to enhance visibility and security in your establishment. They work in tandem with other commercial building security tools, such as CCTV and access control systems, to provide complete visibility of who is entering and exiting your space.

It also allows you to better monitor your visitor count, which can help with a range of issues, such as reducing manpower costs and improving client experience.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the equipment you choose should also be able to withstand frequent use in high traffic areas. This means it should be built to withstand continuous wear and tear, including mechanical damage.

4. Maintenance

Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires careful planning to ensure it meets your needs. This can include the number of safety sensors and the sophistication of the smart technology it incorporates to recognize when it is safe for people to pass through.

When a turnstile is being installed, maintenance measures must be performed to keep it operational and functioning properly. These steps assure the safety of people passing through and also increase its life span.

A turnstile is a security product that delivers a definite step above typical door locks and electronic access control devices. As such, it requires regular maintenance and simple repairs by experienced professionals.

Turnstiles often need regular cleaning and lubrication. This can reduce rust and improve their appearance, which increases its longevity and value.

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