TTE Shafiqul can be rewarded for showcasing the sacked DCO

Pakshi Divisional Commercial Officer (DCO) Nasir Uddin has been protested over the suspension of Shafiqul Islam, a traveling ticket examiner (TTE) of Railways. Authorities have been asked to explain why he was fired so quickly. If TTE is innocent then he will be rewarded, said Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan. However, everything will be done after the report of the investigation committee formed in this incident.

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Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan spoke to the media at the railway building on Sunday. That information came up in that discussion.

Nurul Islam Sujan said, “An investigation committee has been formed into the incident related to the dismissal of TTE. The whole incident will come out through the investigation committee. Other than that I didn’t know until yesterday (Saturday) that the complainants were my wife’s relatives. I found out later. However, as the wife of the minister, she only complained and did not ask anyone to suspend her. ‘

He said, ‘These (those who have traveled by train without tickets) are 15, 16, 17, 18 years old. I have 36 nieces and nephews. They have children. Even grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now it is not possible for me to know who is where. Now if anyone travels without a ticket; Then he will introduce the minister, will introduce the DG, will introduce the secretary. This is usually the case. Traveling on a train without a ticket is nothing new. For this we give receipt to TT to withdraw money. This is a normal process. ‘

The minister said, ‘As a passenger, you can make such a complaint. But can’t complain as the minister’s wife. You can tell me if my wife has any complaints about rail. That is the rule. So there are some exceptions to this rule. Which is why I think TTE’s dismissal order was not appropriate, so it was withdrawn. ‘

Nurul Islam Sujan further said, “The TTE has fulfilled the responsibility of the TTE when the passengers got on the train without tickets, it was initially known. But what happened is an accident. Action will be taken against those involved in the investigation. And in this case, if there is no fault of TTE, then that TTE will be rewarded. ‘

He said the TTE has already been ordered to withdraw the suspension order. Pakshi’s DDO has been protested. Why he was fired in such a short time. Any passenger can complain; But they have been asked why they have decided not to check it.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the incident of suspension of TTE Shafiqul Islam has been extended till next Wednesday. At the same time, the railway authorities have asked Nasir Uddin, the Pakshi Divisional Railway Commercial Officer (DCO), to give reasons for the dismissal order. Pakshi Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Shahidul Islam told reporters yesterday that the time of investigation has been extended.

The investigation into the incident began yesterday at the Pakshi Divisional Assistant Transport Officer’s (ATO) office. On the night of the incident, train director Shariful Islam was on duty on the Sundarbans Express train. His statement was taken at the beginning of the investigation today.

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