Trying to send kebabs into space

Trying to send kebabs

Spacecraft are sent into space. It has astronauts and research equipment. But someone will try to send a kebab into space, by pressing it on a balloon – you have to be surprised to hear it. A group of people in Turkey have caused such a strange incident. Although their attempt was not successful.

Indian media outlet NDTV reported last Friday that the incident took place on April 12. A group of Turkish people pressed cooked kebabs, onions and salads into a large hot air balloon and launched into space. With was a camera. The purpose was to show how kebabs and salads reach space by pressing balloons.

Trying to send kebabs

However, the purpose did not succeed. After pressing on the balloon, the kebab rises a little and starts descending again. At last it fell into the sea. Then the packet of kebabs with balloons was picked up in a boat. However, even if the whole initiative is ruined, the people who are trying to send happy kebabs into space. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. ......................................................................

According to the Turkish media Sabah, the main person behind this initiative is Yasar Aydin. Before Iftar on April 12, he tried to send a kebab into space by pressing a balloon. For this he uses a special box and a balloon filled with helium.

This Turkish citizen has taken such a diverse initiative on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of sending the first manned spacecraft into space. On April 12, 1971, Yuri Gagarin, a former Soviet astronaut, made history by going on a spacewalk. He was the first person to travel in space.

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