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Top Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Meditation Pillow


You must sit with your legs crossed on the floor during meditation. However, this position can be uncomfortable, especially if you have to stay in it for long periods of time. You’ll need something to sit on while meditating, such as a mat or a cushion, to make it more comfortable. It’s crucial to have something comfy to sit on throughout your meditation practice, such as a meditation cushion. Meditation pillow is necessary as it has many reasons as to why you should use a meditation pillow. But using that pillow is not just the only thing to keep in mind but there are many other things which you need to know while choosing your meditation pillow. 

Proper Shape 

Meditation pillows come in various shapes. Zabuton pillows are similar to enormous rectangular mats. Then again, Zafu pads come in round, rectangular, and U-formed pads. The exemplary style utilized in meditation is a round Zafu pillow. A rectangular Zafu support can be utilized during meditation and yoga. 

Both these pillows have their own pros and cons and thus it is recommended to choose the pillow according to your own comfort. 

Zafu cushions 

Zafu is the most generally involved pillow for meditation. They measure four to six inches tall and work by raising your hips so your legs can easily rest with your thighs slanting somewhat downwards. With your hips marginally raised, your spinal section defaults to its regular arrangement, permitting your head, neck, shoulders, and back to be in an agreeable, upstanding place that is effortlessly kept up with.

Crescent – Shaped 

Individuals searching for a more extensive based pillow to help their hips and thighs frequently go to a sickle molded reflection pad. These are suggested for individuals who have restricted versatility, knee torment, or persistent lower back issues. The lengthy sides of a bow formed cushion let your hips and thighs rest in a more extensive space, and the impact point pattern permits your feet to be situated straight facing your body.

Zabuton Cushions 

Wool is an astonishing material that doesn’t shrink over the long run like cotton or kapok does. Wool filaments keep up with their pillow over the long run and keep your Zabuton strong and agreeable for a long time. Our wool filled zabutons diminish tension from under your feet and lower legs. Our Zabutons and meditation pillows assist with keeping your legs from nodding off, in light of the fact that this delicate yet steady material allows your dissemination to stream.


This is a portable cushion which can be taken anyplace. This is the best meditation pillow for back help, as the enormous size permits you to set it in a tough spot and recline against it. On the other hand, it can likewise be spread out. In the event that you need more rise or solace, you can basically crease it into equal parts.

Proper Height 

The width of the cylindrical band determines the height of a meditation cushion. The minimum height is 13 cm, which is a proper size for most people to adjust within a cross-legged posture. There are additional 5 cm, 9 cm, and 17 cm options. Your height, build, and flexibility, particularly in the hip joint, define the appropriate size. The more flexible you are, the lower you can sit in general. Are you unsure of which height is best for you? In our stores, you can try on all sizes to see which one best fits you. Furthermore, the bandwidth is not an absolute measure of height: you may make the meditation cushion more or less convex by adding or refilling, and therefore also change the height.

Washable cushion 

Soft textiles are used to make meditation cushions, and some are washable or simpler to clean than others. For added convenience, a machine-washable meditation cushion is available. But, before you do anything else, learn how to wash a pillow properly, whether by machine or by hand, to avoid ruining it.

Bucket wheel pillow 

A buckwheat pillow is a pillow made from the hulls of buckwheat, which provide a firm sensation without being overly rigid. In Japan, this cushion is known as ‘Sobakawa,’ and it’s known for its springiness when compressed. Some Zafu cushions, on the other hand, are constructed of a long-lasting buckwheat material that will keep its shape over time. 


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