Top Eleven Best Features of Publish Drive

Do you like reading books online? Do you know about the various companies publishing books online? If not, then don’t worry; here in this article, we will discuss the latest and newest publishing platform for online books, the publish drive. It has emerged as a self-publishing distribution company. Forbes-rated entrepreneur Kinga Jentetics co-founded it in the year 2015.
When we talk about the publishing world, the question may arise in your mind, whether the publishing drive is trustworthy? Would the publishing company provide them with a good return or make a scam and take away their money? But don’t you worry. According to ” Alliance of Independent Authors,” Publish Drive ranks excellent in its field. Now that publish drive can be trusted, let’s discuss the top features of Publish drive in detail.

The top features of Publish drive are as under

Publish drives come with unique features and programs to help writers and authors design, format, upload, market, distribute, and many more. Below is the list of various features of a Publish Drive, and they are as.

Formatting and Uploading of a book

Formatting and uploading a book is one of the most key features of the publish drive. Written and author by using publish drive to upload their book online easily. Even though it allows the distribution of paperbacks and audiobooks in publish drive, if you want to upload a paperback, then uploading a paperback will cost you some extra amount of money. The formatting and uploading services offered by publishing drive are :

  • Publish drives offer their users or writers to upload Docx or epub formats. It’s the choice of the writer that they can upload both formats.
  • If you are looking for a paid conversion service, it offers its writer a paid conversion service.
  • You can’t use pdf manuscripts because It doesn’t support using pdf manuscripts.
  • The ebook you want to publish must pass the validation process.

Marketing of books

The marketing of books is also one of the essential features of the publish drive, as you can’t sell your book without marketing your book on an online platform. Due to covid, the demand for digital books has increased continuously.

Promote book on the online store

It helps you increase the sale of the book because it allows you to promote your book in an online store like Amazon.


Metadata of books like name, title, and book design directly impact the book’s sale. By using the AL tool, you can quickly improve the User-friendly software of Publish drive to help you optimize the book’s metadata performance.


Give information about pre-orders of a book for almost one year.

Review copy

By using the nifty tools of Publish drive, you can easily send a review copy to the readers. You can review documents by using a publish drive which grabs professional attention towards your next book.

Price campaign

You can set price promotions for some stores providing it.

Ad performance

It helps you in improving your ad performance. Use marketing features of Publish drive to get everything on your dashboard along with royalty reporting and distribution. It is also looking forward to expanding its marketing services shortly to look forward to it.


It is gaining popularity among the authors as it provides them the ease to distribute their work or books to different book stores. By doing this activity, they can keep a record of their sales data and revenue.
Publish drive provides you the distribution of the book in various forms such as:
It provides a platform for the international distribution of books. That means if you are a global book publisher, you can distribute your work in different territories and regions. You can adjust the price and rights in some specific areas.

Provides a wide range 

It distributes books to a wide range of bookstores, thus providing a broad market for your books. You can even check the complete list of the various stores and even the prices offered by the stores. It provides a broad market for books and also for authors

Reports for payment and sales

Being an author, it’s tiring work to maintain an efficient sales record. But to the contrary, It shines in this field.
The key points for getting paid using publish drive are:
Publish drive uses various payment methods such as bank transfer, cash, cheque, wire transfer, PayPal, inter cash, et cetera. It offers an excellent payment method, making it very popular amongst the authors.


At last, we concluded that Publish Drive provides a good platform for online book distribution. It is gaining vast popularity among the authors. The star ranking for publishing drives is even good in Google. One should adequately understand the features to use them more effectively. Once you know its use, payment, techniques, you can use it to maximize your work. So it may sound helpful to some users and may not to some. It’s just a matter of need.

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