Top 8 Flutter App Development Advantages You Need to Know

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Flutter is one of the most prominent software that has been introduced by Google in 2018. It is a portable UI toolkit to build natively-compiled apps across desktop, web, and mobile using a single database According to LinkedIn research, Flutter has developed as the agile developing talent among software engineers. They (LinkedIn) have also supplied the data that uncovers and supports all of the assertions. This software has also helped to meet the ever-increasing demand for Google Assistant apps. Here in this blog, we will discuss about the advantages of using Flutter Mobile App Development. More than 100000+ apps have been developed using Flutter since the day of its launch. New York Times,, Tencent, etc. are some of the best sample works of this UI software development kit.

Fast Development:

Flutter’s “hot reload” feature allows developers to make changes to the code and immediately see the results, without the need to manually stop and restart the app. This significantly speeds up the development process and allows for quick iteration.

Beautiful, Customizable Widgets:

Flutter comes with a wide range of customizable widgets that provide native app performance on both iOS and Android. These widgets give developers the ability to easily build beautiful, responsive layouts that look and feel native to each platform.

Single Codebase:

As mentioned earlier, Flutter allows developers to build applications for multiple platforms from a single codebase. This not only saves time and resources, but also ensures that the app looks and feels consistent across all platforms.

Strong Community Support:

Flutter has a strong and active community of developers who contribute to the framework, provide support, and share best practices. This makes it easier for developers to get help when they need it and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the framework.

Native Performance:

Flutter apps are compiled to native code, which means they have the same performance as apps built using platform-specific languages such as Java for Android and Swift for iOS. This is important because it ensures that the app performs smoothly and efficiently on the user’s device.

Increased testing efficiency:

Flutter’s “hot reload” feature also makes it easier to test apps. Developers can make changes to the code and immediately see the results, which makes it easier to catch bugs and fix them quickly. In addition, Flutter comes with a built-in testing framework that allows developers to write and run automated tests for their apps.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Support:

Flutter has strong support from popular IDEs such as Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, and IntelliJ IDEA. This makes it easier for developers to set up a development environment and get started with Flutter.

Excellent Documentation:

Flutter has excellent documentation that is regularly updated and easy to follow. This makes it easier for developers, especially those new to the framework, to learn how to use it effectively.


Flutter offers a number of advantages for app development, including fast development, beautiful and customizable widgets, a single codebase for multiple platforms, strong community support, native performance, increased testing efficiency, IDE support, and excellent documentation. These benefits make it a strong choice for mobile app development.


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