Top 5 Reasons To Use Microsoft Dynamics 365

In today’s fast-paced business economy, CRM systems are essential to effectively manage and utilise data, manage complex sales processes and access important insights. A Customer Relationship Management CRM system is designed to provide all the necessary tools required for the company and customers. An efficient CRM system in place maximises sales processes, leads marketing campaigns, and boosts customer service. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of these CRMs that has been trending in recent years. This article will explore the top 5 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform with interconnected applications and services designed to transform business activities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software has CRM and ERP capabilities to integrate business processes. This efficient and multi-functional software with automated, integrated, and intelligent capabilities efficiently connects an organization with its customers and prioritizes and converts their leads into sales. Microsoft dynamics 365 is a trusted platform with highly adaptable apps designed as per the specific needs and requirements of your business. This system provides its users with powerful data visualization and analytical tools, which can be used to improve business insights and processes.

Why should businesses use Microsoft dynamics 365?

Here are the 5 main reasons why every business and organization should make a jump to the Microsoft cloud solution- Microsoft dynamics 365.

A great value for the money

At first glance, the cost of Microsoft dynamics 365 might seem like a big deal because of the increased cost per month. But Microsoft has added new features, such as the team member license, which is at a much lower cost. A team member license provides a user with read-only access to everything inside a CRM system. it also provides complete access to the core entities, such as contacts, activities, accounts and notes. These brand new and interesting features of the Microsoft dynamics 365 make this system the best value for money. Now as an employer, you can allow most of your employees to view data and track activities while saving the full-priced licenses for your sales team and customer services management team.

Microsoft dynamics 365 provides customization

Microsoft dynamics 365 CRM provides deep user customization by integrating with your existing CRM system. It allows you to meet all your specific business needs by creating custom fields, forms, and entities based on different areas of your business. With the customized information, you can generate charts of data records to get an overhead view of your business operations.

Seamless integration to Microsoft applications

The Microsoft business applications used frequently are connected to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. it provides endless possibilities to the business for better efficiencies and communication. With a Microsoft dynamics 365 CRM system in an organization, you can compose emails, respond to quotes, send documents and share presentations using one platform. You can integrate your Microsoft dynamics for sales with Microsoft dynamics business central to perform your business tasks. With a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in your organization, you can centralize all your accounting database, email marketing, websites, and everything into one single user interface. The integration makes performing business processes easier for the sales, marketing and customer service teams.

Power Business Intelligence Tool

Microsoft dynamic’s business intelligence tool has introduced cutting edge analytical tools to dynamics CRM. The connectors for CRM online allow you to pull the relevant data into Power BI. Get valuable insights and reports. This feature undoubtedly expands your capabilities because you no longer have to leave one application to work on another. You can track all the activities associated with your customers, such as phone calls, documents, tasks, appointments, notes, and emails. The power business intelligence tool provides you with a powerful data visualization and analytics tool. Which you can use to apply machine learning and improve your business processes and insights. Viewing those insights in real-world scenarios can modernize how your business interacts with the applications. Now you can pull data from different sources and visualize large quantities of information in easy reports.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is compliant

The other amazing benefit of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business is that. It is GDPR compliant and supports all major governmental, global, and regional regulations. The provided services within the dynamics comply with data protection and privacy laws and address security needs. You can also use the Microsoft service trust portal to access it. Your current state and learn more about the recommended controls.


If you are looking to expand your business and maximize your onboarding success. It is time to adopt Microsoft dynamics 365 applications and services for your organization. Make all the business processes smooth and easier.

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