Top 10 Imported Chocolates Ideal For Gifting & Celebrations

Best Chocolate Bars & Truffles You Would Love To Buy in India

The world of chocolate is full of delectable varieties! You would love to know this list of the top 10 imported chocolates that are ideal for gifting. Indians have very easy access to popular chocolates. We have KitKat, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Perk, Snickers, Munch, Cadbury Gems, and many others. Most of these chocolates are available in our local retail stores. We love to buy them for our usual doses of something sweet and relishing.

The modern-day trend of chocolate gifting dates back to 1868. Richard Cadbury created the first chocolate box which became a norm worldwide. Since then, chocolate boxes are the most popular gift. When it comes to gifting, you look for something that is unusual and extraordinary. So why pick usual chocolates that are accessible to everyone in India. Imported chocolates in India stand for luxury and finesse. 

Luxurious International Chocolates That Make Excellent Gifts

Choosing a gift can be very tricky. But chocolates make it super simple. You can never go wrong while gifting chocolates. The foreign chocolates are made of high-quality ingredients and the finest making process. Though they are not available in local retail stores, you can buy them online. Thankfully, there are many online chocolate stores delivering international chocolates as well as gift hampers.

These 10 imported chocolates can make your gifts even more delicious and luxurious. 

Toblerone Chocolate Bar

This Swiss chocolate is all about perfection. Everything is unique including the taste, shape, and packaging. What you love is an outstanding blend of almonds, honey, nougat, and the finest quality cocoa. The peaks of mountains are replicated in a delicate bar of milk chocolate. Right from the beginning, this bar is attracting everyone to its exclusive taste, shape, and delicate look. Receiving this Swiss bar is definitely a great treat for anyone in India.

Godiva Signature Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate

The pretty red and golden wrap grabs your attention at once. Godiva is great Belgian chocolate known for its rich taste. This dark chocolate bar is packed with roasted almonds and is a great bar for all ages. Since it is a dark variety, it would be great for gifting to elderly people also. It is one of the best imported chocolates India loves to feast on.  

KitKat 4 Finger White

The popular advertising slogan Have A Break, Have A KitKat is known to everyone in India. All the kids and adults must have tasted the crunchy wafer KitKat milk chocolate. Why not surprise your loved ones by sending the white KitKat? Especially if you know that the person loves creamy white chocolates, it is the best thing to do. You can order chocolates online or send them to your loved ones anywhere in India. Choose a store that delivers your gifts to all across India. 

Lindt Lindor Milk Truffles

A Beautiful red-colored pack of mouth-watering chocolate truffles! You will not find these truffles in your local stores but there is a sure way to send them. Or you can order this box to give a premium treat to your kids. Thanks to online chocolate delivery, it is simple to send a gift to your dear ones. The box is an ideal gift for birthdays, valentines day, friendship days, and anniversaries.

Bounty Coconut Milk Chocolate

Bounty Coconut Milk Chocolate is a tender treat for all ages. Delicious milk chocolate layer covers coconut. This delectable blend appeals to everyone. Send it to please your loved ones and sweeten their special moments.

Dairy Milk Turkish Delight

Gift a stylish Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Turkish Delight to your dearest one. Our classic creamy milk chocolate is covering smooth Turkish delight jelly at the core. This delicious variation of Dairy Milk is sure to delight palates of all ages. You will find this bar at an online chocolate shop engaged in delivering confectionaries sourced from all across the globe. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich Chocolate Bar

Delicious creamy Oreo cookies are everyone’s favorite. This Dairy Milk is an irresistible blend of milk chocolate and Oreo cookies. Enjoy the relishing taste of pieces of Oreo cookies wrapped in silky dairy milk. This unique blend is great for any celebratory moment. Chocolate online shopping gives you quick access to these excellent blends. And they are worth trying.  

Toblerone Raisins & Honey & Almond Chocolate

Here is yet another Toblerone perfect for gifting. Gone are the days when Toblerone was connected only to air travel. Find a place for imported chocolates online and you have this chocolate at your doors. This Toblerone bar further enhances your chocolate fun with raisins, honey, and almonds. Receiving a unique blend of this luxurious brand is a very thoughtful gift anytime. 


Here is something that is going to delight you just with a single glance. This eye candy is equally gripping in taste and flavor. No white chocolate is as enticing as Raffaello white chocolate truffles. Every truffle is a delicate delight and pure pleasure. These white chocolate truffles are covered in coconut flakes and creamy filling with a whole almond at the center. This makes one of the best online chocolates you can send for a very special moment.  

Mackintosh’s Quality Street Assorted Chocolate Box

We are super glad to suggest this chocolate box. The box is filled with Quality Street assorted chocolate of different sizes and shapes. Enjoy the varieties of chocolates wrapped in attractive colorful wrappers. The box is perfect for kids as well as adults. The box is perfect to order for festivals and birthday parties. You will definitely find this box at the leading online chocolate stores in India. 


Thanks to online stores, we are able to celebrate special moments with our dear ones. Sending a gift of chocolate is all about expressing your love and affection. Buy chocolates online for sending hard-to-find foreign chocolates anywhere in India. We are sure the list of luxurious chocolates will help you pick the best gift for your special ones.



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