Tips To Grow Your Custom Candle Boxes

Custom Candle Boxes

Candles are the staple object for various events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. Whether it is a happy event or the sad event the candles are blown.

The market is full of a variety of candles. There are various colors in candles that one can use to attract people.

The candles are an amazing addition to the home as well. There are people who love to use candles at home on a regular basis. If you are running a brand related to candles and want to upgrade your brand then wait no more and get ready to embellish your custom candle boxes.

You can style the candles in any way of your choice. The following are some of the interesting ideas which you can utilize to have great candle boxes:

Splash the Graphics on the Candle Boxes

The plain boxes cannot rock the market like the full artistic ones. So, go for splashing up some abstract graphical artwork on the boxes to change the outlook of the boxes to catch the limelight on the shelves.

There are various packaging firms that are working elegantly to provide awesome boxes. You can also be one of them. Just go for exhibiting your product in some fabulous colors.

Suppose you are choosing the blue color for the abstract artwork then add a hint of the purple color in it to highlight the artwork beautifully.

Moreover, you can align the artwork with the fragrance of the candles as well. Suppose you are offering the candles in lavender fragrance then simply illustrate the lavender on the custom candle packaging boxes.

Further, you can define the benefits of the lavender fragrance on the boxes as well. But for describing such benefits just make sure that you choose the right textual style and typography.

Candle boxes with Punch Inserts

There are a lot of box styles available in the market for the candles. But the candle box packaging with the punch insert will look awesome. You can nicely add more than one candle within this box of any shape and size.

Most people love to buy candles in bulk quantity so, this range would be a plus for them. As they will love to buy such elegant box packaging full of colorful candles within one box.

Moreover, if you choose the two-piece box style to place almost 4 to 5 candles then do go for creating a die-cut window within the box. This die-cut window will be helpful for the customers to see candles without opening the box packaging.

Sleeve box Candle Packaging

The sleeve box packaging is amazing. You can nicely add your candles within this box style to get high sales within the market. Make sure that you come up with some brighter tone candles such as red, yellow, and parrot green. These kinds of candles will look amazing to the eyes and more people will like to buy such brighter candles.

Ensure that you create the candle boxes of these bright shaded candles in the same brighter tones by utilizing the rigid box packaging.

Moreover, do add the specific name of the candle on the boxes such as “floating candles”. Go for utilizing the embossing or debossing technique with the touch of the foiling in terms of adding the text.

Shaped Candle Boxes

You can shape the candles in any way customers like. Make sure to set up a custom candle range in which you can freely change the outlook of the candles in interesting shapes such as you can create the candle within the cornetto ice cream shape and can name the candles “ice candles”. This kind of surprising candle will look awesome and more people will like to buy such interesting candle boxes packaging.

Further, you can also shape the candles in various animal forms or the cartoon characters for the kids’ birthday parties.

Fragrance Candle Boxes

There is various kind of candle boxes that you see in the market but you can create your own unique boxes elegantly.

Suppose you are presenting the rose flavor candle then add the rose fragrance to the box as well. So, when the buyer holds the box, they can have the fragrance of the actual candle in a great way.

The above are amazing ideas that you can adopt to have great custom candle boxes.

If you are seeking the affordable option then go for having the candle boxes wholesale.

All you have to do is design your own artwork or hire a good packaging company that can create awesome packaging for you.

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