Tips For Triathlon Beginners

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As the summer season is here, so is the triathlon season. If you are a regular triathlete, you may be excited. But if you are a beginner, you may be pretty nervous. Do not worry after you have decided to jump into the world of triathlon. What is there to be anxious about? Have you done enough training? If not, besides a triathlon coach who can change your game entirely, we have come up with some helpful tips that you may need before your big day. Worrying about what’s next is natural but overcoming our fears is a choice. Do you want to repeat the same mistakes as other triathletes did? If not, learn from their mistakes and the experience they gained over time. To prevent you from making the same mistakes, we suggest you follow these simple tips, and you will be good to go. 

Get organized.

Do not skip this tip, especially if you are a beginner and think a kit is not a big deal. A triathlon kit has a lot of things to remember. You are supposed to bring everything along, and it is hard to remember everything. There is nothing worse than not being organized on your important day. It is a day your nerves will be tested, and you do not need to add more mess to your plate. Write everything in your diary and check your list before leaving.

Practice your transitions.

Practice makes a man perfect. No doubt. It is a well-known phrase. Have you ever tried implementing it in your life? You need to practice a day before the triathlon competition. Go to your backyard or a ground nearby and have a dry run. It would boost your morale when you change from your wetsuit to your bike gear and then into your run gear. It will also help you learn time management that will benefit you during the competition. 

Do not get naked.

Sounds funny, right? Do you know getting naked at a competition can disqualify you? Yes, you read that right. Now you may be wondering how is that even going to happen? It can occur when you change between the swim and the bike. If you have not invested in a tri suit or while changing, your towel accidentally falls. It can not only lead to embarrassment but also a disqualification.

Do not lose your nerves in the swim.

The swimming part is the most daunting one, where everyone is trying to get ahead of the other. You may lose sight, or even worse, you may lose track. It can get pretty messy in there, but that is when you need to control your nerves. In the moment of chaos, separate yourself from the others and find your own space. Remember, it is your race, and it has nothing to do with the others.

Do not forget to enjoy.

No matter how you feel about it, do not forget to enjoy your first race. Many better triathletes may shake off your confidence but do not allow them to do so. Believe in yourself and enjoy every moment of it.

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