Three Popular Cartoons For Kids That Were Banned In India


Coming back to school in a hard and hot afternoon, entering your home, open the cooler and takes remote in your hand and find the POGO or Cartoon Network Channel. We all have this schedule when we come back to the office in our childhood.

Unfortunately, there are some cartoons of our childhood that are banned today in India because of breaking some rules and regulations.

Check out the list of Cartoons for Kids that are banned in India today:

Top Cartoons that are banned in India

  • Shin Chan

The popularity of cartoons like SHIN CHAN grew in India, but its popularity was short-lived. The popular show was banned from the country in 2010 due to its content. It was banned due to its violence and slapstick language. Its creators have apologized for the decision, but the issue still remains.

The ban reportedly came about because the cartoon featured gross-out jokes and sexist stereotypes. In addition to being controversial, Shin-chan has a very positive image in the country. Although it’s been banned in some countries, the series is still a staple on many Indian television channels.

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  • One Beer

In addition to the Shin Chan cartoon series, the episode “One Beer” by the South Korean company Viacom was banned in India. The show was banned due to its content, which contained a number of sexual innuendos. Its creators also understood that the visual imagery of a cartoon is appealing to children and that it is important for parents to stay entertained.

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  • Steven Universe

Steven Universe was banned in India in 2009 after it was deemed “pro-gay.” The Kenya Film Classification Board said that the cartoons introduced children to deviant behavior and were thus not appropriate for their audience. The character of the cow is often the end of burlesque violence and was considered offensive to Hindus. It was banned because of the sexual innuendos in the show.

The show also contained offensive language and sexual innuendos. Among other reasons for the ban, it is the most controversial cartoon in the country. This episode has been banned in many countries, including Japan, Turkey, and India. Even the slapstick in the episode, “Winnie The Pooh,” was not allowed to be broadcast in the country.

The show was also considered anti-gay because the cow is sacred in the Hindu religion. It was later restored to the air. However, there is still a controversy surrounding the cartoon’s content. Some critics say it offends their culture.

Despite its popularity, some episodes of the show were banned because they glorified unpunished violence and showed alcohol and other harmful substances. Some cartoons were even banned for promoting violence and innuendos. These cartoons were not only made for children but also offended many of their parents.

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Cartoons are designed to be educational and popular for kids. They should promote positive traits in children. While some of these cartoons may be controversial, they are usually harmless and entertaining.

The TSA has found an explanation for the bans and the reason for their bans. In some countries, the cartoons were banned due to their innuendos and crude humor. As a result, they were not allowed to be broadcasted in India.

We hope that you will support the Indian Government in the decision of banning these cartoons for kids in India. A Big Thanks to Games Vipe for providing us the valid content information for our huge audience.

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