Three deceptions of foreigners in the country, empty pockets when trapped

There is a huge amount of dollars in a box. If you put money in it, the same amount of dollars will come out. But there is no name smell of dollars coming out. On the contrary, the fraudsters escaped by embezzling money. There are 11 foreign nationals and one Bangladeshi in this cycle. Finally, on the basis of specific allegations, the Metropolitan Detective Police (DB) finally arrested the members of the gang by conducting raids in different areas of the capital on Wednesday night.

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This was stated by DB Chief Additional Commissioner AKM Hafeez Akhter at a press conference held at DMP Media Center on Thursday afternoon.

The arrested persons are: Henry Osita Okechuku, Chisam Emanuel Obaizulu, Okake Peter, Obina Sande, Oneka Mba, Chicham Anthony Iquiene, Okeya Azubike, Anwarah Ouyemena Daniel, Anuruka Zinika Francis,

A ‘dollar trick’ machine, 16 bundles wrapped in silver cloth, 16 mobile phones used in the scam, two laptops, chemical bottles and copies of warrants in various cases were recovered from them.

According to DB sources, the members of the ring also use various fake scams by opening fake IDs as European-American citizens on social media outside of the fancy ‘dollar trick’. In the name of sending gifts or investing in friendship as a friend, he takes lakhs of rupees.

AKM Hafeez Akhter said the main ringleaders in the scam were Nigerians Henry Osita Okechuku and Chisam Emanuel. Both of them were mainly responsible for keeping in touch with Bangladeshi collaborators and distributing money embezzled through fraud. Other members cheat by establishing friendly relations with Bangladeshi citizens through social media.

AKM Hafeez Akhter said that the members of the gang were trying to convince the target persons that if they put money in the box, it would come out in dollars within a few hours. They would move away as soon as they got money.

He added that outside the dollar scam, the members of the ring formed friendly relations with women by opening different foreign men’s IDs on Facebook and chatting with men by opening IDs in the names of different foreign girls. Later, he said that he would give some part of his wealth to a Bangladeshi friend or send expensive gifts. Chandni, a fake customs officer, demanded Rs 10-12 lakh as a chance to get rid of the thousands of pounds or dollars that came as a gift.

Referring to another tactic of deception, Hafiz Akhter said that the members of the clique had expressed their interest in investing in Bangladesh by identifying European-American army officers. He later extorted money by showing the temptation to send gifts to Bangladesh or to make the target person a business partner.

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