Three crore liters of palm oil is coming from Indonesia

Three crore liters of palm oil is coming from Indonesia

Two more Chittagong-bound ships were able to leave Indonesian waters at the last minute before the export ban. These two ships have 15.5 million liters of palm oil. On the eve of the ban, 26 million liters of palm oil brought from Indonesia in three ships is coming to the country.
On April 26, Indonesia stopped exporting palm oil. The country’s navy also detained two ships for exporting during the embargo. One of them was Bharatmukhi. However, no Bangladeshi ship was reported to be stranded in the country’s waters. ..............................

According to the Marine Traffic and Shipping Agent, the ship ‘MT Sanjin 3025’ left the Indonesian port of Dumai for Chittagong a few hours before the ban took effect. According to the Chittagong port, the ship reached the port waters on Thursday morning. The ship has 1 crore 22 lakh liters of palm oil. S Alam Group of Chittagong has imported palm oil by ship MT Sanjin.

Ahmed Moinuddin, manager of Bering Sea Lines, the local representative of the ship, told Prothom Alo that the ship was able to reach Chittagong as it left Indonesian waters at the last minute. Palm oil has already been unloaded from the ship.
Besides, another ship that left Indonesia three days before the ban took effect is also on its way to Chittagong port. The ship named ‘MT Au Touruz’ is now docked at Krishnapatnam port in India. Some palm oil will be unloaded there and will reach Chittagong port on Saturday. The multinational company Unilever has imported about 3.3 million liters of palm oil on this ship. Basically this palm oil will be used to make their own cosmetics.

In addition to these two ships, a ship named ‘MT Sumatra Palm’ is coming to Chittagong tomorrow with 1 crore 31 lakh liters of palm oil. TK Group imported this oil. At least 20,000 tonnes of palm oil imports from Bangladesh have been blocked due to Indonesia’s export ban, according to importer sources. The oil import bonds were opened before the ban. However, it could not be ascertained whose imported palm oil was stuck.

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