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Three Cornish Gin Distilleries

There are certain drinks that just belong to a country, be it vodka to the Russians or schnapps to the Germans. Gin is no exception.

There are a number of distilleries across the county making gin and other spirits with Cornish provenance at the forefront. The distillers behind these are passionate about putting the Cornish countryside at the heart of their production.

Rosemullion Distillery

Rosemullion Distillery was established in Mawnan near Falmouth in Cornwall in 2018. Founders Andy and Liz Bradbury ferment their own base spirit for their gin and rum range, which they then combine with local fruits and botanicals. They also utilise Cornish rainwater in the fermentation and distillation process, with small batches of just 100 bottles being made.

They are one of the very few distilleries to make their own alcohol from scratch rather than simply flavouring or altering industrial spirits – a true Cornish made product! Their gins and rums are all produced in small quantities using a bespoke copper pot still.

Founded by Andy and Elizabeth Bradbury in 2018, Rosemullion Distillery is set in the countryside near The Helford River, close to the coastal town of Mawnan. They produce a selection of award winning gins and rums, all created organically and with care and attention to detail.

The Wrecking Coast Distillery

Founded in 2015, The Wrecking Coast Distillery is based in Tintagel and is proud to be a Cornish distillery. The team create spirits that they enjoy using local ingredients to give the nod to their Cornish roots.

We helped Wrecking Coast reposition their brand in the market and created marketing collateral to support their sales growth. This included rebranding their gin, which is sold globally through La Ditta.

Our team also worked with them on a series of charity projects, including developing a gin to raise PS4,000 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Appeal and a tasty gin to celebrate the launch of a new restaurant.

The Tintagel-based Wrecking Coast distillery produce a number of special gins, all with a Cornish twist. These include Clotted Cream Gin, Honey Sloe Gin Liqueur and Navy Strength Scurvey Gin.

Tarquin’s Cornish Gin

Tarquin’s Cornish Gin is the first new gin to be produced in Cornwall for over 100 years. A contemporary take on a classic London dry gin, using crisp piney juniper, fragrant handpicked violet flowers and fresh orange zest.

It is made on 12 selected botanicals. Including local ingredients such as bog myrtle and samphire, as well as botanicals sourced from far corners of the world.

Every single bottle that leaves the distillery has been filled, labelled, waxed, stamped and signed by hand. It has also been given batch tasting notes, ensuring you are drinking the very best.

Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin is a beautiful, clean and crisp gin. It is an excellent mixer and works well in most cocktails. It can be enjoyed neat or with tonic. It has a smooth, floral and citrus flavour with a slightly oily sweetness on the finish.

Tarquin’s Cornish Pastis

A contemporary take on the classic French anise spirit, Tarquin’s Cornish Pastis is produced in small batches, using seasonal botanicals. Claiming to be the first of its kind, this is a unique fusion of French spirit and Cornish identity.

A punchy and earthy liquorice flavour is created through the use of green anise seed, Turkish fennel and Chinese star anise. Angelica, cardamom, juniper, cinnamon and orris root add complexity. Fresh orange, lemon and grapefruit zest are also used to create aromas of citrus and floral fruitiness.

This spirit is best enjoyed on its own or in a mixed drink. The classic French drink is typically served with water to a ratio of one part pastis to four parts water.

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