Thousands of people and owners were detained in front of the police station demanding money deposited in the association

Police have arrested a man accused of embezzling around Tk 30 crore from 5,000 customers in the capital. Thousands of people have taken position in front of Rampura police station demanding recovery of their dues.

On Wednesday (May 11) morning, the victims blocked the road near Meradia Bazar in Banasree and took position in front of Rampura Police Station to collect money.

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The allegations were made against a so-called Green Bird Multipurpose Co-operative. The location of the association is in Taltola area of ​​Khilgaon. Police have arrested Alauddin Hossain, the owner of the company.

Rampura Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Rafiqul Islam told Jago News that the victims have been protesting for their dues since morning. Then they came in front of the police station and started movement in the rain. More than 500 victims were seen in front of the police station at around 3 pm.

He further said that the accused owner of the association Alauddin Hossain has been arrested and brought to the police station. The victims have been talked about. However, they did not agree to sue.

Many low income people deposit money in this association in the hope of making more profit. However, as no case has been registered in this regard so far, the police have not been able to take legal action against the owner of the association Alauddin.

According to the victims, the company has been stealing money year after year by showing greed for extra profit. Hundreds of customers took position in front of Rampura Police Station on Tuesday night demanding refund. The relatively low-income people deposited money in this association.

According to the victims, Malik Alauddin recently announced that he would not be able to return the money they had deposited. After that they (customers) started gathering in front of the police station with complaints.

Most of the victims are lower class people including garment workers, third gender and rickshaw pullers. Some of them are saying that if they give the owner to the police, they will not get their money back. Again, some people say that it is necessary to take a legal decision.

However, a 10-member investigation committee has been formed into the incident. The committee includes police and victims. The investigation committee said that further action will be taken after investigating the property of Green Bird Multipurpose Co-operative.

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