This time Zelensky on the cover of Time magazine

The title of the cover of the magazine is ‘How Zelensky Leeds’. He told Time in an exclusive interview that the world’s attention to Ukraine bothered him as much as he was bothered by Russia’s shelling. “People are watching the war in Ukraine through Instagram and social media,” he said. But when he gets tired of watching, he doesn’t want to see anything about war anymore. These incidents are being removed and moved elsewhere. In fact, the picture is different. There is a lot of bloodshed in Ukraine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Russia launched its first operation in Ukraine on February 24. In the early weeks of the war, before sunrise, he would ask his generals for the latest news of the war. Then he would go to the breakfast table.

This time Zelensky on the cover of Time magazine

According to the interview, President Zelensky once secretly walked out of the presidential palace to see the ruins of the capital, Kiev. At that time the situation of the war was discussed with the reporter. Zelensky said Russian forces had reached near Kiev within hours of the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. The assassination attempt was carried out and the fall of Kiev was thought to be imminent. The United States then offered perfect magazine to send a helicopter to leave the country. But he rejected the offer and decided to continue fighting from the front.

Simon Schuster, interviewed by Time, says the two-month war has made Ukraine’s president tougher, furious and taught him to take risks.

President Zelensky chose Facebook and Instagram to expose the horrors of Russian forces to the world.

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