This time Shafiqul opened his mouth

Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan has said that the dismissal order of TTE Shafiqul has been withdrawn. He also said that Pakshi Divisional Commercial Officer (DCO) Nasir Uddin would be protested. This information was given by the Railway Minister while addressing the journalists at the Railway Building on Sunday (May 6) at noon.

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Meanwhile, Railways Mobile Ticket Examiner (TTE) Shafiqul Islam has expressed relief over the news of revocation of the suspension order.

He made the remarks in front of the Western Railway’s divisional office at Pakshi in Pabna on Sunday afternoon. Shafiqul said, ‘Thank God. Since I work for the railways, I work for the country, I am happy to have the opportunity to join the work again. ‘

DCO Nasir Uddin said that Shafiqul Islam suffers from inferiority complex. In response, he said it was not right. He has job satisfaction. As proof of this, he said, ‘On the first day of the job, I was able to submit a revenue of 6,436 rupees. My colleagues know, God knows, whether I am mentally deranged or not! ‘

Nasir Uddin, DCO (Divisional Commercial Officer) of Pakshi Railway Department said that TTE Shafiqul Islam is addicted to drugs. In response to his remarks, Shafiqul said, ‘I am far from using drugs, I don’t even smoke bidis. I don’t even eat tea in tea stalls. ‘

Shafiqul Islam said his suspension order had been revoked. You will join the work as soon as you receive the official letter.

Talking to railway sources and concerned persons, it is learned that last Thursday night, three passengers boarded the Dhaka-bound inter-city Sundarbans Express train from Ishwardi railway junction without a ticket. They were sitting in an air-conditioned (AC) room without a ticket. When asked for TTE tickets, they asked for three cheap room tickets. At the same time the AC room is empty so I want to sit there and travel.

TTE asked them to leave the AC room with a total of Tk 1,050 for fine and cheap rent. There was a quarrel between them about the matter. After that they left the AC room and reached Dhaka in the beautiful room. Shortly afterwards, TTE was informed of the suspension on his mobile phone.

According to railway sources, a three-member investigation committee headed by Pakshi Divisional Assistant Transport Officer Sajedul Islam was formed on Saturday to investigate the incident. The committee was directed to report within two working days.

TTE Shafiqul fined three passengers of the Dhaka-bound inter-city ‘Sundarbans Express’ from Ishwardi on the night of May 4 for traveling by train without a ticket with the ‘relative identity’ of the Railway Minister. But on the basis of the complaint of Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan’s wife, the railway authorities suspended him the next day.

When the matter became public, the criticism started through social media. Shafiqul’s dismissal order was revoked.

Shafiqul Islam, who came to Pakshi today at the call of the investigation committee, said, ‘I have never abused any passenger. I booked the three passengers on the instructions of the Assistant Commercial Officer Sir. In response to a question, he said, “Far from being addicted to drugs, I have never been addicted to tea.” I am ready to dope test if necessary. I don’t know who spread it. ‘

Shahidul Islam, Pakshi Divisional Manager (DRM) of the Railways, said the time would be extended for two more days to further investigate the issue of suspension of duty TTE. At the same time, he said, legal action would be taken against Shafiqul Islam if Pakshi Divisional Commercial Officer (DCO) Nasir Uddin was influenced by anyone and ordered the temporary dismissal of Shafiqul Islam.

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