Things to Know About Wall Shower Arm

Know About Wall Shower Arm

The showerhead is perhaps the most overlooked element of contemporary showers. While wall shower arms and other attachments are quite popular, most customers still choose more traditional, all-in-one showerheads. The typical individual couldn’t explain what a “shower arm” is in terms of a shower fixture.

Using a shower arm as opposed to a typical showerhead has several benefits. The two most noteworthy advantages are that you may use them as you choose and that your bathing experience will be of higher quality. Continue reading this article for advice on choosing the best shower arm if you are already aware of these benefits and are thinking of installing your showerhead on a shower arm. Additionally, while looking for a shower arm in Perth, get it from a dependable vendor like Alpine Building Products.

What does a Shower Arm Do?

A shower arm is a simple pipe fitting used to connect a showerhead to the water supply in the wall. It is also referred to as an extension arm or a shower extension. An accessory that may be mounted on the wall to support a showerhead is called a shower arm.

wall shower arm may be used to change the height of your showerhead. It might save your life if your plumbing outlets are too high or low. Additionally, it implies that there is no need to modify the ceiling plumbing to install a rainfall showerhead. Use a shower arm to aim the water spray exactly where it is required.

The Different Shower Arms:

There are several different shower arms from which to pick. Three of the most popular styles of shower arms are standard shower arms, straight shower arms, and gooseneck or S-shaped shower arms. Typical shower arms are composed of metal and resemble regular hoses. They are quite simple, consisting just of a brief, angular extension.

Installing a straight shower arm will modernize your bathroom. The straight end of the arm is connected at a right angle to the showerhead, making the whole arrangement vertical. The optimal place for a rainfall showerhead is on a straight wall shower arm. Also often utilized are gooseneck or S-shaped shower arms. As their name implies, these shower arms feature a gooseneck shape. This kind of shower arm allows you to change the height of the showerhead.

Buying a Shower Arm: A Guide

There are a few things to consider while selecting a wall shower arm. Measure the height of the accessible plumbing outlets before installing the shower arm. A straight shower arm with a rainfall showerhead is an excellent option if the outlets are too high. In contrast, a gooseneck shower arm would be the ideal choice if the outlets were too low. When choosing shower arms, keep the overall decor of your bathroom in mind. There are several types and materials to choose from when looking for a shower arm. For instance, the Square Hi-Rise Shower Arm from Alpine Building Products offers a matte black and a traditional chrome finish. Choose a coating that blends nicely with the room’s overall design.

Additionally, always choose wall shower arms from recognized manufacturers like Alpine Building Products when looking for shower arms in Perth. Our shower arms are all manufactured to the highest possible quality and durability standards. We provide a square and a round shower arm if that’s what you want. The shower arms available to you include straight, straight with a swivel and gooseneck choices.


Installing a shower arm in your bathroom might greatly enhance your showering experience. A wall shower arm is an accessory that connects the water supply of a wall to a portable or fixed showerhead. The normal arm, the straight arm, and the gooseneck arm are the three standard styles of shower arms. The ideal way to use a rainfall showerhead is to put it on a straight shower arm. Shower arms with gooseneck designs are available to raise the operating height of a showerhead. Before making a purchase, measure the height of the plumbing outlets in your bathroom since shower arms come in various sizes and designs. Choose a shower arm that complements the bathroom’s design. And keep in mind that the best shower arms can be found at Alpine Building Products. In Western Australia, a lot of top-notch merchants sell our shower arms. Visit our retail stockist page to find a nearby retailer.

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