Things to consider before becoming a fruit picker

fruit picker

Things to consider before becoming a fruit picker

Because fruit is fragile and requires sensitive picking procedures, fruit pickers, also known as harvesters, are an important element of the agriculture business. During the picking process, mechanized picking equipment can harm or kill fruit. According to Rural Migration News, almost 75 percent of U.S. vegetables are picked by machine, but fewer than half of fruit growers utilize mechanical labour. Fruit pickers must be meticulous, quick, and dependable in order to extract fruit without causing damage. Pickers must learn methods to meet their boss’s expectations, as orchard managers have their own protocols for collecting fruit.


Pickers use their hands to harvest, sort, and gather fruit. To cut fruit from trees and vines, some people use tiny knives or tools. Some fruits, such as apples, oranges, and peaches, require the ability to safely climb a ladder, remove the fruit, and store it in a satchel or basket. Other fruits, like strawberries, grow on low-lying plants, so you’ll need to be able to bend over for lengthy periods of time. When the fruit is ready for picking, fruit harvesters must be available for seasonal labour. If you need to harvest fruit right away, you’ll need to be able to tolerate adverse weather like wind or rain.

Fruit Picking Machine

Accuracy, finesse, and speed

Because many pickers are paid by the bin or basket, they are expected to work swiftly and effectively. Fruit pickers must be in good physical condition and have sufficient strength to harvest, sort, and gather fruit without becoming exhausted. Top job needs include strong hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and endurance.

Beware of worms

Fruit harvesters must evaluate fruit for symptoms of illness, insect manifestations, worms, and rot carefully yet rapidly. To minimize damage or loss, orchard managers often engage skilled and certified professionals to apply pesticides and other chemicals to trees and vines. When fruit pickers notice bothersome insects or symptoms of rot, they must alert the owners and management. It is the job of the picker to separate excellent fruit from infected or rotting fruit so that products may be directed to proper cleaning and distribution facilities.

Importance of fruit picking

Fruit picking is important as it becomes impossible to export fruits worldwide if fruit pickers don’t pick the fruits. The majority of farmers use fruit pickers to efficiently remove fruits from trees. Moreover, these pickers help farmers a lot in terms of saving time, money, and energy.

There are three compelling reasons to try fruit picking.

There are other reasons to try fruit picking, but these are the three most important.

Professional experience

Picking fruit is an excellent method to obtain work experience. You’ll gain some valuable employability skills, such as collaboration and communication, which are in high demand by companies.

Make new friends

Fruit picking allows you to meet individuals from all over the world that you may not have met or worked with otherwise.


Of course, there’s also the financial incentive to attempt fruit harvester. It’s one career where you can make money without needing a degree.

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