Breakout room escape is a game in which a team of players must collaboratively find hints, solve puzzles, and perform a task in one or two-room to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time. Often, the goal is to flee from the game site. The contestant in an escape room plays typically as a group team of two to ten players anywhere. Games are held in various fictional venues, including prison cells, dungeons, and space stations. The aim and the challenges that the player encounters usually follow the room and the theme.

The games start with a brief introduction to the game rules and how you can win. It can be presented in a video, audio, or a gamemaster format. The clock starts after this, and players have 45 to 60 minutes to complete the game. During this time, players explore, find clues, and solve puzzles that enable them to make further progress in the game. The challenges in an escape room are more mental than physical and need not be physically fit or dexterous. When a team gets lost, participants have a mechanism in place to search for clues. The idea of an escape room first originated with first-person adventure video games where players communicated with their surroundings by pressing items on the board.

Video games such as Myst and Crimson room have helped players control their world with just one mouse and few basic commands. Some elements of these point and click adventures interacting with hidden aspects around you, solving puzzles, goal-oriented politeness became critical features in what later became known as “escape rooms.” A Japanese firm named SCRAP created the first documented escape room in 2007.

• Your epic adventure begins.

The epic room has plenty of chairs, exciting props, and fun knick-knacks to it. So, you’ve been invited to an escape room game celebration, and you have never even heard of one before. The thought of being locked in a room and trying to escape does not sound fun at all, and you can’t help but wonder why anyone would do that to themselves. It is highly entertaining to wander around a strange room with loved ones when you all have a collective purpose! You will have to solve all of the brain teasers/puzzles/logic puzzles/mazes to complete your task and get out the exit door. Some puzzles are more complex than others. Upon solving puzzles, you will likely find codes to open up various locks in the room. When every lock has been opened, you know you are close! If you are working as a team, you will come to know each other.

• Confidence grows

Remember, the escape rooms are challenging but not impossible to escape. Forget to stay at the office and document or take notes for a discussion for a board meeting. Playing escape room with your colleagues will help you to build your self-esteem. The one who was lacking self-esteem might win in the game. Games can change one’s impression of others.

• Excitement begins

Everyone else is curious about the escape room too. The excitement of playing a game and winning or going outside the escape room is pretty interesting. The excitement level of a person to another differs, but it goes high while playing the game.

• The team comes together.

If you work as a team in a game or whatever thing, team members’ superior quality should be togetherness. If you are working as a team, all the team members should equally contribute their thoughts and ideas for how to win the game. Just take a deep breath and note that the purpose of an escape room team building their project or workplace or trips is to exercise patience – even when persistence is very challenging.

• Panic starts to set in.

You realize that the group may not be able to escape time from the escape room, but only twenty minutes are gone, and you have six more clues are still to be obtained, the treasure chest opened, and a dozen more keys discovered. Losing or winning is a big challenge in the escape room.

• Will you escape

Will you be able to escape from the room? The spirit of the game is more important than whether you win it or lose it. Running from the room seems to be difficult but not impossible. It’s still a question mark until you escape from the escape room.

• A hero emerges

Your heart is pounding, and you are hyper-conscious of the clock that tells you that there are only five more minutes left to leave the room. But then you figure out the key and leave the room with only a few seconds remaining. Here you can say that the last key that you found just before the time gets over is the game’s hero. If you work as a team, the person who finds the key can say as the hero of the game.

• Challenges arise

Challenges start in between people themselves. Forty-four minutes in, and you have solved another four clues to beat an escape room, and the co-worker takes you in the wrong direction, and you lose it.

• Success

Once you open the door and toast, completing the escape room with your friends, nothing is more sensational than the sweet victory. After all the excitement, fights, and struggle to collect the keys successfully, it is nothing more than happiness. Escape rooms are all fun games until something weird happens. Teamwork comes first in the escape room other than anything. Every room is different from others; there is a new challenge in new rooms. Working as a team will develop communication with other colleagues when you work as a team. New rooms will explore new themes and ideas for people. Winning or losing doesn’t matter; how you played until the end of it matters. Even if you are putting all your efforts, even if you are doing something tiny, it matters greatly.


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