There is no unemployment in the country, there is labor crisis: Salman F. Ramhan

“There is no unemployment in Bangladesh now, on the contrary, there is a labor crisis,” said Salman F Rahman, adviser to the Prime Minister on private industry and investment. He said, ‘I think in Bangladesh .. there is no unemployment (there is no unemployment here). Many more orders are coming to the garment factory now. But workers are not available for work.

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This has become a big challenge for the industrial sector. ‘
This was stated by Salman F Rahman while addressing a seminar at Multipurpose Hall of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) in the capital on Wednesday (May 11).

The keynote address was delivered at the seminar titled ‘ICT Freelancing in Bangladesh: Present Status, Challenging and Opportunity’. Tanjiba Rahman. There he discussed the country’s unemployment problem. In this context, in the speech of the chief guest Salman F Rahman commented that there is no unemployment in the country.

Salman F Rahman said, “BGME leaders say that many of our workers are being taken to garment factories in Jordan. You told the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare to stop it. Because we are not getting workers in the garment factory. That is why I have repeatedly said that there is no more unemployment in our country. ‘

He said, ‘You know, farmers are not getting labor while harvesting. Last year, under the direction of the Prime Minister, Chhatra League and Juba League helped the farmers all over the country. Now a lot is being done at the union level in rural areas. There is event management and beauty parlor. ‘

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