The West is preparing for an invasion of Russian territory: Putin

The West does not want to hear about Russia,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin. They have other plans. They are preparing to invade our land including Crimea. Putin said this in his speech on the 7th Victory Day. The BBC reported this on Monday.

Putin made the remarks in a speech marking the 7th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. However, he did not comment on the progress or plans for the Ukraine war.

Vladimir Putin delivered a Victory Day speech on May 9 in the presence of thousands of troops in Moscow’s Red Square. At this time the national anthem was performed and cannon fire was fired.

“The army and the volunteers are fighting for the motherland in the Donbass region of Ukraine,” Putin said in a statement. This is our future. The state will do everything possible to protect the families of those who fought in the Ukraine war. The death of every army and officer is painful for us. ‘

Describing NATO as a “definite threat” to Russia, Putin said “Russia’s military operation was necessary and this decision was the right one.”

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin observed a minute of silence in honor of the Russian soldiers killed in World War II and the ongoing war in Donbass.
On the other hand, due to cloudy skies in Moscow, the organization of special exhibitions through lighting in the sky was postponed. It was also supposed to showcase the jade-shaped luminosity used in the Ukraine invasion.

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