The way Barca’s house was occupied by the Germans

Let’s do a multiplication at the beginning.

90×25000 = 22,50,000 Euros.

Let’s do another number.

160×25000 = 40,000,000 euros.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Barcelona’s extra income from the second leg match against Frankfurt in the quarter finals of these two Europa Leagues. These two figures are a part of the money that the club has earned by selling tickets to the spectators who are interested in watching the match at Camp Nou.

But it also has another meaning for Barcelona fans. Barcelona’s 3-2 defeat at home and that is why these two numbers also played a role in eliminating them from the Europa League.

Not being able to play in the Champions League is a serious wound. And Frankfurt has put salt in his wounds. Barcelona could not even reach the semi-finals of the second tier continental tournament like Europa League. Meanwhile, the home ground has increased the shame of the Catalans. Last night, Camp Nou was taken over by German club supporters. Kneeling Barcelona supporters under the pressure of the opposition supporters. Barcelona’s Pedri-Alba-Busquets also overcame such hostile weather at home. After the defeat, coach Xavi went to find the reason and therefore saw the responsibility of so many spectators of the opponent.

Barca is now under investigation. Barca president Juan Laporta said he wanted to find out how so many Frankfurt supporters got into the stadium . But Laporta himself does not know that?

Rick Sharma, a well-known face of Spanish football, tweeted last week. This was later confirmed by several other Twitter accounts based in Barcelona. Sharma tweeted: “Barcelona are urging fans who have seasonal tickets but will not go to any more matches this season to return their tickets for free. So that Barcelona can resell those tickets and the stadium is full. This will give the club “the satisfaction of helping financially” the fans and the need to create the best possible environment in the stadium.

European clubs sell tickets to home matches in two ways. Club members and fans buy tickets for all the matches of the season in advance at once. That means go to the match or not, tickets are bought in advance. And the rest of the tickets are sold out every match. In other words, people buy tickets after being sure to go to the match. Barcelona wanted to sell a portion of the seasonal tickets to make sure the stadium’s gallery was not empty.

Explaining why Barcelona suddenly made this offer, Sharma tweeted, “Behind this, Barcelona gave the example of the Sevilla match. Although all the tickets were sold on paper in that match, there were 6,000 spectators on the field. In other words, about 20,000 season ticket holders did not go that day. However, there are many people who are interested in watching this match, if they wanted, they could have sold this ticket club.

“It’s nothing new,” Sharma said in another tweet. It has not been done this season.

Financially troubled Barcelona have not offered to share the proceeds this season. Directly stated, to return the ticket, and the money that the club will get by selling it, will help the club in this financial crisis.

According to a Barcelona source, 26,000 season ticket holders have agreed. In other words, they were not interested in watching Barcelona play with a club like Frankfurt (they are in the Bundesliga). Barcelona has made arrangements to resell those tickets.

Barcelona has done another thing in the hope of extra profit. These newly acquired tickets are subject to high prices. According to various sources, Barcelona sold one ticket for 180 euros. However, Bar ম্যাচa match tickets are available for between 60 and 70 euros against a relatively weak opponent. The price of tickets for the Barcelona Frankfurt match is the same as in previous seasons in the Champions League semifinals.

As a result, only 69,046 people visited the Camp Nou with a capacity of one lakh. Frankfurt had 30,000 of them to complete the shame of Barcelona. More than 40 percent of the opponent’s spectators at home – something that is unthinkable, so it was seen yesterday at Camp Nou.

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