The UV Absorber UV-292

INNO SPECIALTY CHEMICALS is UV absorber UV-292 manufacturer and Light Stabilizer UV-292 supplier in China, equivalent product is Tinuvin 292 and tinuvin 292 basf,contact us for more information.

The UV absorber UV-292 is a polymer with an absorption spectrum of 270-340 nm. It can be used to produce a wide range of products, from soft foam to thermoplastic elastomers. Polyethylene can also be used as a coating on textiles, including micro-cell foam, integral skin foam, and traditional rigid foam. Its anti-ray and oxidant properties also make it a valuable addition to textiles.

A common use of UV-292 is in paints. It is an excellent clear coat stabilizer, which improves the durability of the coating. tinuvin 571 has a cooperative effect with benzotriazol. It is effective in a wide range of materials, including unsaturated polyester and polyolefin, but is especially suited to polyurethane. This UV absorber is highly soluble in solvents, making it easy to mix with a variety of other UV-curable materials.

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