The United States will provide another 600 million in military assistance to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has announced a new 600 million military aid package for Ukraine.

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Announcing the new aid package on Thursday (April 21st), Biden said it would help fight Russian forces in the Donbass region of Ukraine, according to AFP.

The Pentagon says the new US aid package includes 72 155mm howitzers, 72 armored vehicles, 144,000 rounds of ammunition and more than 120 “Phoenix Ghost” strategic drones recently built by the US Air Force to meet Ukraine’s needs.

Biden said the new package would help Ukraine’s military fight the Russian invasion of the country.

“The United States, our allies and our partners will provide the Ukrainian forces with the weapons they need to defend their nation,” Biden said.

The U.S. president also announced that Russia-linked ships would be banned from U.S. ports, and that Ukraine’s treasury would raise a new 500 million for the Ukrainian government to pay salaries and pensions and provide services.

“The unity between the United States and its allies in support of Ukraine is sending a ‘clear message’ to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” he said. He will never succeed in dominating and occupying Ukraine. It will never happen. “

Meanwhile, in a tweet, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed gratitude for Biden’s announcement, saying, “The need for help today is greater than ever! It will save the lives of our defenders of democracy and freedom and bring Ukraine closer to peace. “

Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Ukrainian troops were already being trained to operate M-Howitzer and some new equipment would be delivered to the war-torn country this weekend.

“The Ukrainian forces are performing very well and they are learning very fast,” Kirby said of the Howitzer training.

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