The United Kingdom is training Ukrainian troops in Kiev

Members of the British Special Forces Special Air Service (SAS) are training Ukrainian troops in the Kiev region, according to a British media report.


Officials from two Ukrainian battalions told The Times of London on Friday that SAS forces had conducted their training sessions last week and the week before.

One of the commanders said the trainers had taught them how to operate the NLAW anti-tank missile.

For the first time since the Russian-led invasion of Ukraine, British troops have been reported to be serving in the country, but the UK Ministry of Defense has not confirmed this.

Russia’s involvement in Russia’s operation in Ukraine means the outbreak of World War III.

Ukraine has had British military trainers in Ukraine since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014; But all trainers were removed from the country in February for fear that Russian President Vladimir Putin would launch an attack on Ukraine.

The Times of London spoke to two Ukrainian commanders, one of whom was Captain Yuri Mironenko, and the other was a Kiev Special Forces commander, nicknamed “Skif.”

Mironenko said the British SAS had trained new and re-enlisted members of his battalion in Obolon, Kiev, two weeks ago on how to operate the NLAW.

Since February, the United Kingdom has supplied Ukraine with more than 3,600 Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapons (NLAWs). According to the Daily Mail, Kiev wants more of this light, easy-to-use weapon near London as it proves effective against Russia’s slow-moving, old tanks on the battlefield.

Schiff said the 112th Battalion, to which his unit is attached, was trained by British troops last week.

Schiff’s senior commander, nicknamed “Bear”, also confirmed the information provided by Schiff.

“They are very good. They also invited us to visit them when the war was over, “he said.

Mironenko says his country’s troops had to turn to YouTube to run the NLAW without a British trainer, where it took five minutes to learn how to use it.

“We have received good training. The British officers were here with our unit two weeks ago, they taught us well. And since we are succeeding, now we have the confidence, ”he said.

When contacted by the British Ministry of Defense about the presence of members of the British Special Forces in Ukraine, they told the Times of London that they would not comment again on the matter, in keeping with the long-standing tradition of not commenting on special forces activities.

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