The United Kingdom has announced further military assistance to Ukraine

The United Kingdom has announced that it will provide more defensive military assistance to Ukraine . UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to provide more military assistance during a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky . News from the BBC .

The British prime minister said more armored vehicles , drones and anti – tank weapons would be sent to Ukraine . The United Kingdom will reopen its embassy in Kiev next week . Earlier , Boris Johnson also announced 33 million in aid to help Ukraine ‘s military and _ _ _ Pilots ‘ salaries and allowances will be paid .

Russia launched its first military operation in Ukraine on February 24 . Since then , the country has been wreaking havoc . The capital , Kiev , has been hit hardest by the attacks . _ _ There were also massive attacks on Mariopole . They have turned Mariopol into a ruin

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