The Ultimate Guide to Melbourne’s Best Vintage Stores and Op Shops

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Melbourne has a wide selection of cheap vintage and used clothing. But if you don’t know where to look, you might pass over some amazing shops that are conveniently located in your neighbourhood. This comprehensive guide to vintage and thrift shopping in Melbourne, with some classic favourites, neighbourhood insider recommendations, and top advice, spans the entire city, from Brunswick to St. Kilda.


Fitzroy is the place to go if you want vintage in Melbourne. Both Brunswick Street and Smith Street are lined with vintage stores that offer everything from sequin-covered leotards to antique winter coats. The massive Salvos store may be found at the north end of Smith Street. It occupies practically an entire block! The owner and operator of Sally’s Retro Fashion is, you guessed it, Sally. She organises everything by colour, which is wonderful! Monkey Jar, a bright tiny store with a record collection, is just a short distance from Sally’s, and Shappere, for all the vintage-loving men out there, is across the street.


With the variety of vintage and charity shops there, it’s no surprise that Brunswick is recognised for its music culture and edgy fashion. Vinnies, Salvation Army, Savers, Save the Children, Don Bosco Op Shop, and Pet Rescue Superstore are all located along Sydney Road. Sydney Road also has quaint shops like Melbourne Vintage and Brunswick Style. Both the enormous Mrs. Secondhand vintage warehouse off Lygon Street and the incredible Retrostar warehouse are other noteworthy locations. Watch their Facebook page for significant sales.

Chapel Street

Many upscale shops and designer boutiques can be found on Chapel Street near South Yarra, but as you move south, the stores start to feel a little less fancy and more bohemian. Coming to Chapel Street and not going to the famous Chapel Street Bazaar would be a waste. The Bazaar is a maze I’d be happy to get lost in any day because it is filled with everything you can think of. The Red Cross, Sacred Heart Mission, a Save the Children thrift store, Salvos, and the Uniting Op Shop are just a few of the various charity businesses that are further down.

St. Kilda

Both residents and visitors love this bayside suburb. St. Kilda is a sustainable shopper’s paradise with fantastic craft markets every Saturday and night markets during the summer. The original Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop, located on Grey Street, is a landmark for treasure seekers and is still open for business in the 100-year-old church hall. But if you prefer 50s to 70s style, only boutique Frocks and Slacks is the place for you. Their collection, which is located on Acland Street, was hand-selected and obtained internationally.

South Melbourne

South Melbourne, which is only a short tram ride from the CBD, is home to several fantastic charity stores and the well-known South Melbourne Market. Before visiting the South Melbourne Community Chest, Salvos, Sacred Heart Mission store, or Red Cross op shop, you may fill up on award-winning paella. The Uniting Goodwill Op Shop is nearby in posh Albert Park. Despite the shop’s small size, wonderful items are always available. There was previously a large collection of Tony Bianco shoes there.

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