The two Korean leaders exchanged letters

Friendly letters have been exchanged between outgoing South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. According to the North Korean state news agency, Kim Jong-un thanked President Moon Jae-in for his role in improving relations between the two Koreas. News AFP.

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The exchange of letters between the two countries’ leaders has been described as “unexpected” as Pyongyang continues to test nuclear weapons one after another.
The Seoul president’s office, Blue House, confirmed that Moon and Kim had exchanged friendly letters. However, he did not immediately give any details.

This year, North Korea has tested more than a dozen weapons. Experts warn of new activities at the country’s main nuclear test site.
Moon has met Kim three times. He has helped pave the way for talks between former US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader. But the nuclear talks between Kim and Trump ended in 2019 without any success, as there was no consensus on some issues, including the lifting of sanctions.

Pyongyang then began calling Moon an intervening mediator. As talks between Trump and Kim failed, Pyongyang tore down a 1.5 billion Seoul-funded liaison office for communication between the two Koreas. Last month, Pyongyang conducted its first intercontinental ballistic missile test since 2016.

However, Pyongyang’s state news agency KCNO said on Friday that the two leaders had agreed to try to improve relations between the two Koreas. According to the KCNA report, Kim Jong-un said that his historic conference with Moon had made the people of the two countries optimistic about the future of relations.

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