The Timisoara ssm and Labor Protection Services Law

The Law 90 of 1996, on labour protection and the Association for Occupational Safety and Health in Timisoara (APSSMT), suited the major changes that had taken place on the Romanian labour market in the transition period. The country had just begun its privatization process, and the Law was well-suited to such changes. Its implementation was accompanied by many social dialogues at territorial level. But what exactly are the benefits of these laws for Romanian workers?

Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timisoara (APSSMT)

The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara, also known as APSSMT, is a professional association which works to protect the health of people in the workplace. The Association’s objective is to protect the health of workers in the region by carrying out research and prevention activities, and by promoting a safe and healthy workplace. The members of the Association are representatives of the national and local governments, as well as employers and workers themselves.


The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara (APSSMT) is a professional association for workers in the Timisoara District. APSSMT contributes to the improvement of working conditions and a healthy and safe workforce throughout the Timisoara District. APSSMT has a strong tradition of promoting socially responsible business practices, and it has a track record of successful results. It was founded in 2003 and continues to grow in numbers and influence throughout the region.

Law No. 319 of 2006

The servicii ssm si protectia muncii Timisoara law of 2006 was adopted to ensure worker health and safety. This law implements European Union (EU) Directives and is designed to promote better worker health and safety. It applies to all sectors of the Romanian economy, including the public and private sector. The law outlines the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers, and sets out adequate measures for implementation.

Social dialogue at territorial level

In Romania, social dialogue takes place within administrative structures. The main participants are employers and trade unions, but also experts from other administrative structures and representatives from civil society. The opinions of these bodies are shared with the Economic and Social Council and taken into consideration during the elaboration of each draft law. In Timisoara, the social dialogue takes place at the territorial level and includes employers and trade unions.


The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara (APSSMT) is a local organization in the Western part of Romania. Its main objectives are to improve working conditions and create a healthier workplace in the region. The APSSMT is comprised of the employer, his legal representative and a doctor specializing in occupational medicine. It works in collaboration with various government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Its members include employers, labor organizations and government officials.

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