The Taliban banned ticking, accusing the younger generation of going astray

The Taliban banned ticking, accusing the younger generation of going astray

Afghanistan bans popular social media video sharing app TickTock. The Taliban, the country’s ruling party, has said the app was banned because it misled young Afghans. In addition, the country’s government has banned popular mobile game player Unknown Battleground (Pubji).

The Taliban, a radical Islamist group, has come to power in Afghanistan since the withdrawal of Western troops in August last year. Music, movies and television soaps have been banned in the country since the group came to power.

Due to the unavailability of alternative means of entertainment, various social media mobile applications are very popular among Afghans. The popularity of these social media among the youth of the country is increasing by leaps and bounds.

A statement from the Taliban claimed that Tiktuk and Pabji were misleading the younger generation. That is why the country’s telecom ministry has been instructed to shut down these apps.

The Indian news agency ANI says the Taliban has instructed the ministry to take action to stop broadcasting “immoral content” on the country’s television channels, despite showing nothing but news and religious programs.

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According to a Gallup poll conducted in February this year, almost all Afghans (94 percent) consider their lives to be miserable since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. This is not only a record number of Afghans who consider their lives miserable, but also the highest in any single country since the Gallup poll began in 2005.

According to the French news agency AFP, data from independent data collection organization DataPortal in January, an estimated 9 million people in Afghanistan have access to the internet, compared to 38 million. The country has 4 million social media users; Among them, Facebook is the most popular.

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