The Russian city of Kherson in Ukraine is under occupation again

The Russian city of Kherson in Ukraine is under occupation again

Russia has recaptured the city of Kherson. Russia’s Defense Ministry was quoted by Reuters as saying on Wednesday (April 26th).  ................................................

On October 26, 2021, Hennadi Lahuta was appointed Governor of Kherson by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. In a telegram, the governor said Russian occupiers had seized the entire Kherson City Council compound on Tuesday. From there, they removed all Ukrainian symbols and signs and appointed their own guards.

Kherson Mayor Ihol Kolikayev, meanwhile, said he had refused to co-operate with the new administration, appointed by the Russian military. “I am based in Kherson and I was given the responsibility of running the city 18 months ago,” he said in a Facebook post. At the moment I am with the residents of Kherson.

The conquest of the city of Kherson was a major victory for Russia. An important Russian military base will now be built in the city. Observers say this will allow Russia to establish contact with the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

Earlier, on March 3, the city was captured by the country’s army. However, Ukraine was able to recapture the city within a few days. s

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