The Role of Box Manufacturers in Promoting Chocolate Brands

Chocolate is ubiquitous: chocolate bars, chocolate mousse, and hot chocolate are often loved by the masses.

Concerns about food safety have resulted in adjustments to the manufacturing process, making chocolate less of industrial mass production and more of a refined product. Numerous chocolate makers have made significant investments in their products, paying great attention to every detail. We discuss not just the substance and flavor of chocolate, but also the perks of custom boxes.

Each chocolate present is distinguished by its unique packaging, embossing, and printing techniques. Color combinations, abstract shapes and patterns, doodles, images, and odd messages resemble paintings and works of art more than standard packaging.

Packaging for chocolates

If you own or intend to start a chocolate business, this article will show you how to:

  • Does the packaging have an effect on the taste?
  • Chocolate packaging components
  • Packaging for chocolate that is successful
  • How to select the most effective solutions to ensure your success
  • Packaging has an effect on one’s impression of taste.
  • The majority of research on human sensory perception has concentrated on deciphering how each sense functions independently. As with making love, eating is a multimodal act.

For years, it has been established that taste buds play a lesser role in flavor perception than olfactory receptors.

Charles Spence, a pioneer in the field of multisensory perception, has written extensively on the issue. When served in a white container rather than a black one, strawberry mousse tastes 10 times sweeter. Additionally, he noticed that drinking coffee from a white cup rather than a clear glass imparts a stronger but less sweet flavor to the beverage. Moreover, he published research demonstrating that serving biscuits on rough-finish paper resulted in crispier biscuits.

It’s self-evident that brain research can be used for commercial packaging development, and this is now happening. Spence investigated whether adjusting the volume and frequency of a deodorant’s sound emission had an effect on its perceived strength in 2006.

Unilever updated the deodorant Ax packaging with a new nozzle technology in response to the scientist’s results. Nowadays, young men’s armpit spray is significantly louder than the Dove brand, which is designed to be more gentle and feminine.

The White Coca Cola Can during Polar Bear Campaign

Coca-Cola designed a limited-edition white can in 2011 to raise awareness of polar bears. Consumers protested that Coca-Cola altered its secret formula while maintaining the same container design. Coca-Cola finally phased off this line of products. This example explains how the color of a package can influence how its contents taste.

These results can be included in the packaging of chocolate. How can you reduce the sugar content of chocolate while still enjoying it? Consider the case of a red package. While we typically consider food and its packaging to be distinct entities, a brain seeking flavor evaluates both.
box manufacturers

Shipping and Custom Packaging Tips for Chocolate

Chocolate must be safeguarded against the following:

  • anti-oxidant
  • hypothermia
  • Invasion of insects
  • Illumination
  • Severe heat

The custom boxes for chocolate bars must be both attractive and useful. Chocolate is a delicate product that must be safeguarded against damage. To preserve the flavor, traditional chocolate packaging consists of an internal layer of aluminum foil or coated paper and an external layer of cardboard or paper.

Modern heat protection solutions include metal-lined boards that function similarly to frozen food insulated bags. Numerous educated chocolate fans are ignorant of the difficulties inherent in exporting fine chocolate. Chocolate has a softening point of 29 degrees Celsius and a melting point of 34 degrees Celsius. These are not appropriate criteria for a thousand-kilometer journey in a hot climate.

Successful chocolate box manufacturers adopt techniques and rules to ensure seamless distribution based on this concept.

Choose the Finest Days

Three days of traveling is quite improbable for your chocolate. Timelines for order processing and delivery must be as short as possible.

Customize your summer shipping arrangements.

Several chocolate businesses charge a premium for shipment to warm countries between May and September. This additional cost covers the additional insulating materials required to keep the chocolate cool.

Another option is to increase the chocolate’s price rather than the transportation cost. During the summer, some businesses suspend the shipping of non-shippable items.

Customers Should Be Made Aware

Your online store’s customers should be aware of the risks associated with mailing chocolate. If you are a chocolate manufacturer, on your Shipping Policy page, include as much information as possible. Your clients will be more patient and understanding if you provide clear explanations.

Two things to keep in mind when communicating with your clients:

  • Confirm who will receive the parcel upon delivery (to prevent the chocolate melts in front of the door)
  • When selecting delivery methods, keep the weather in mind.

Provide Alternative Modes of Delivery

Overnight and 24-hour delivery is the most popular option for chocolate. Customers will receive their chocolate on time with a faster delivery option.

Disrupt the Norm

Printingblue’s ingenious chocolate packaging delivers an amazing treat with a clever name and a lovely appearance. We can wrap it in a signature pattern that you desire. Our boxes have an unusual square shape, in contrast to the more typical rectangle chocolate bar, and this contributes to its uniqueness.
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Chocolates with Your Logo in a Box

This cardboard box is an excellent illustration of the virtually limitless possibilities for designing your chocolate packaging, given the breadth of its product line.

Lamination, embossing, and hot stamping are all options. Printingblue makes it simple to create custom packaging for your chocolate business.

Custom chocolate printed circuit board packaging

If our customized cardboard packaging isn’t enough to help you become a great chocolatier, we also provide a PCB service.

PCB has a research and development section that will bring your most inventive packaging concepts to life. Each of these chocolate packaging ideas is feasible.

For instance, PCB enables the use of non-traditional box shapes, specialty materials, and advanced printing techniques such as gilding and hot stamping. To learn more about how the box manufacturers can assist you in enhancing your chocolate business, visit our website and grab one of the several packaging options right away.


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