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The Popularity of Single-Use Medical Equipment

Medical equipments

We are in the 21st century and we have been facing many disasters for years. However, one field that has always led humanity out of the crisis is medicine. The medical industry has grown immeasurably in recent years and it has become so widely popular. In the same way, the use of medical equipment has become the norm of humanity, and humanity cannot survive without the implications and usage of medical equipment. One handy tool is a needle, and the role of needles and needle holders in the medical field is of vital importance. Buying and finding the best needle and needle holder is a task that requires a lot of time and effort. However, at Hallmark, you may find the best quality tc needle holder for your business.

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We have seen much disposable medical equipment that has become the norm of healthcare industry. Even surgical trays and kits everywhere you look, you’ll see disposable single use items. There is a debate going on whether it is necessary or it is just due to excessive use of medical equipment. But the question arises – how effective they are in mitigating the germs and infections in the human body? And are they doing their work perfectly or not?

What is the actual problem:

Disposable items and their use have widely increased owing to multiple reasons and the very key reason is that it abates the spread of germs and infectious diseases, Such as disposable punch biopsy instruments. It is the 21st century and the media is independent and lawsuits make hospitals aware that infections and diseases are a major concern for all practitioners throughout the medical industry. Human errors and cross contamination issues are growing day by day.

punch biopsy instrument

Want to Know The stats:

Surgical site infections are growing day by day and a study reveals that it affects almost 31 percent of all HAIs patients, and from those 31 percent, 75 percent die and their deaths are directly linked to SSI. And even more, the cost has also exceeded $4 billion annually.

A grim reality to see

The very grim and astonishing reality is that most of the cases occurred in Los Angeles when a superbug outbreak happened, and it killed two patients. A device was linked to the contamination. It was a reusable needle holder. And what happened next? Unfortunately, it was not properly sterilized and resultantly the superbug transferred to subsequent patients. And both of them died immediately.

However, even after the imposition of strict restrictions across the medial industry, HAIs continued to be a problem.

The ultimate solution

It is observed that disposable medical devices remove the chance of spreading and disseminating bacteria to transfer from staff to patients and vice versa. For improving surgical efficiency, single use devices are used widely because they are relatively sturdy and also they are not subject to deteriorating from sterilization. If you use disposables, the need for reprocessing is eradicated which decreases the cost.

Where we saw them first

From the early introduction of single-use technology such as the disposable catheter in 1944, these items have snowballed in popularity and demand. The 1960s saw the implementation of disposable IV tubing and the last twenty years have seen the progressive use of disposable surgical drapes. A more recent milestone was in 2015 when a custom disposable instrument kit was used to secure a spinal implant. The surgery was so efficient it now paves the way for increased acceptance of disposable kits within the orthopaedic and surgical medical fields.

Growing pains

It has to be said that the switch to disposables has not gone without a hitch. Clinicians adopting single use will not compromise on quality and previously the concept of ‘single-use’ was considered poor quality at a high price. Today, with technological advances this perception has changed with the quality of disposable bipolar forceps equipment often exceeding their reusable counterparts.

disposable bipolar forceps

Improvements, developments, and the future.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Unlike reusable devices that are put under continuous strain, single-use items guarantee each patient is cared for with brand new equipment. Reusables are exposed to repeated reprocessing cycles, with the harsh chemicals over time compromising their condition. Single-use devices are designed for exceptional performance within one procedure with no compromise. The ability to focus purely on performance allows single-use technology to be finer and more effective and evolve alongside surgical advances without issue.

Infection outbreaks continue to find fault in the reusable system. The last thing anybody seeking care wants to worry about is catching someone else’s disease. With disposable technology maximising patient safety, the switch to single-use is a no-brainer really!

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