The Platinum Proxy Guide V2.0

Ever wondered how to make money with proxies? Ever wondered how to make $Hundreds per month with proxies? Well I have done just that and I will share with you everything that I have done plus more that can be done. Using the info in this book I have actually made $1500 in one month with my proxies. But you may or may not be able to do as I have done, however I am confident that you can make at least half of what I have made if you just apply yourself. Some of you can not only make as much as I have, but can make more. Others are not really willing to do the work so they will make less. So since you should be able to make at least half of what I have then we will say $750 This guide is the compilation of 1 year worth of learning and research, and it totals 71 pages long. It details step-by-step instructions on what script to use, domain names, hosting, installing, monetizing, advertising, upkeep, building a whole network of proxies, edits, tips, tricks, templates, resources and more. Most importantly it shows you how I made $1500 in one month, and its still growing.

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I started with proxies back in April 2007. I knew nothing about them, and really nothing about SEO or much other online business. I had been in web design since 2003 but had only done local companies. I was researching online business and found that people were saying that you could make money with proxies. So I set out on a trek to make some money online. It took me days, weeks, and months of researching, experimenting, and hard work to get to where I am today. I have learned much of what I know from various forums and websites scattered all over the web. I have also seen some sites telling you to do things that won’t make you money. So I decided to compile this all in one spot, so you can get off to a quicker start.

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My best day to date has been $101. That is just in one day.

As you can see I had a rough start and started to get it together just in time for summer. Of course if you don’t work at it summer takes a big nose dive. However using the methods I know now summer 08 and forward will be much better. You don’t have to start off like me and take a long ramp up. This guide will give you the short ramp up by providing you with all of the knowledge up front that I had to learn over time.

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I am selling this guide for only $27. Mind you I am not selling the information for $27, as you could, in several months time, learn it all for free as I have. Although if you could learn it all up front, you could avoid losing out on hundreds of dollars per month like I did while I was trying to learn it. I am not so sure it would be really free info if it cost you hundreds just so you didn’t have to pay $27 upfront. I wish I had had a guide like this when I started. I would have gladly paid $50. I think $27 is a very reasonable price.

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If you took $750 divided by 30 you would equal $25 per day. The price of this guide is less then what you could earn in one week. Its probably not likely that you will earn $750 your first month as it takes some ramp up, but you could be at $750in a few months if you go at it strong. So if you follow the directions in this guide you can earn the money back that you spent for it in just your first few days. That’s a pretty quick turnaround I think.

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Here is what people said about Version 1 (the last version) of this ebook (click to enlarge):

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Please note: Version 1 of this guide was $15. Version 2 is now for sale, and includes even more info then V1. It went from 54 pages to 71 pages. The prices mentioned in the reviews below are from V1. The current price for V2.0 is $27.

by mal4o

The book is very good for people who are hard-working. It shows you a great way of making money. But if you are from the people who want money without working … It will be harder form you. You will still have money
I think that if you are hard-working you can make this 15$ (this is the price ) for about 15 min

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by discer

AWESOME, this is 54 pages excellent Ebook. after read the start I can say does this is the real ebook. I already buy a ebook about proxies and lose all my money. now I now does I it’s can help me. 15$ is really good price for the ebook, he can take a lot more. It’s isn’t “fast, easy” money ebook, but this ebook work.. Thanks.

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Additionally: This is the second version of the Platinum Proxy Guide. By purchasing this V2.0 you will also get any future updates to the Platinum Proxy Guide for free.

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Also be sure to check out the PPG Supplements, the FREE blog where I constantly share new info about making money with proxies.

I hope this guide is a great help to each of you that read it, and that you make all the money that you are willing to go earn.

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