The Pap Smear Test For Cervix Cancer – Everything You Need To Know

A Pap smear test or Papanicolaou test is a crucial cervix examination. It collects cells from the tip of the cervix to know if the cells are premalignant or malignant. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of higher mortality rates among women worldwide. So, this test could prove as a savior by detecting the traces of cervix cancer earlier. Cervix is a portion of the uterus that opens into the vagina. Therefore, the cervix cells will be collected through the vagina for microscopic examination. During your visit to the pap smear clinic near me, get this test done with the help of an expert. Find more relevant information about this vital test below in this post.

Significance of pap test

Pap tests could be an integral part of your gynecological exam. Being a woman, you cannot neglect vital health to lead an active lifestyle. Thus, visiting a gynecologist is a must to check for reproductive health. Hence, you can get a pap test during your vital health examination. This test is essential because it can detect cervix precancerous and cancerous cells. Most cervix cancers can be found and detected early with this test. Therefore, it can help you with early detection and effective cure. So, a pap test holds the utmost importance in progressive health.

When is a pap test necessary to get?

It would help if you had a pap smear urgent care testing once you have crossed the age of 21. This is the age when women tend to become more sexually active. So, if you had your first intercourse with your partner, you need a pap test. Most pap infections are caused by the HPV virus, which transmits from one person to another during sex. This is a highly responsible infection to cause abnormal changes in cervix cells. Hence, unidentified cells left untreated for years can lead to cervical cancer. Even if you are not sexually active, you should get a pap test once every two years. There are causes of cervix cancer other than HPV infection, which cannot be ignored. Therefore, a pap test is required for every woman ranging from the age of 21 to 65. If you are 30 or above, you can have this test done every three years. However, your previous test results must be negative.

The procedure of a pap smear test

You can visit the pap smear clinic near me when you need cervix screening. You can get ready for this testing upon initial consultation with a gynecologist. It is a straightforward test that does not involve any scarring. However, the process might be a little uncomfortable since it can create a feeling of pressure in the vagina. The doctor would have to insert a speculum into your vagina to see the cervix. A cotton swab will collect samples of cells lying in the cervix. Then these cells will be delivered to the pathology lab for microscopic examination.

What did the pap test check for?

You should know that a pap smear urgent care test is an initial exam for cervix health. In case the results of this test are abnormal, further screenings like a biopsy or HPV test will be needed. The cells of the cervix will be gathered from the outer opening of the cervix. The sole aim of this testing is to check for abnormalities in cervix cells. Also, if you have vaginal discharge, painful sex, and menstruation, you should consider a pap test. Women with a weakened immune system are more likely to have cervical cancer. Once the test is done, you could wait a couple of days for the results. However, it is a safe and painless procedure. It is specially designed for the prevention of cancer. Women not routinely tested for cervical cancer are at a higher risk. So, it must not be ignored to have optimum reproductive health. Pap test is also available at lower prices ranging from 20 to 50 dollars. However, the costs may increase when additional tests are needed with the pap test procedure.

To sum up

Hopefully, you have understood the significance of pap tests for women’s health. Now, you should seek for pap smear clinic near me online. By getting this test done, you can detect the risk of cervical cancer. The test will help to take the necessary steps to treat abnormal cells. Thus, you can prevent the development of cervical cancer in the future. Visit a walk-in urgent care clinic today for your pap test consultation.   

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