The message that Russia gave to the ‘unfriendly’ countries

The Kremlin said on Monday that “non-aligned” countries still have time to pay in rubles to buy gas from Russia. The French media France 24 reported this information in a report.

So far, however, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has declined to say exactly how many countries have agreed to buy gas for the ruble.

Earlier, on March 31 this year, Putin issued a decree stating that in order for “non-aligned countries” to buy Russian gas, they had to open a special ruble and foreign currency account at Gazprom Bank and pay the price of Russian gas in rubles.

However, many European countries have refused to accept Putin’s decision. Germany has called Putin’s move “blackmail.”
Peskov said Putin’s decree would take effect in May this year

Meanwhile, Armenia has started taking gas from Russia in exchange for rubles. The country’s finance minister, Vegan Cerubian, made the announcement in a report in the British Guardian on Friday.

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