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The Last Bastion of Solitude in Modern Living

Let’s face it, it is hard to get a moment of down time these days. Working hours have increased over the last decade, and the advent of the email means that even your weekends are not your own anymore. When you’re at home, the eldest is needing to be driven to soccer, and the youngest is wondering what is for dinner. It is enough to send even the most sane of us completely spare.

But there is a magic moment in your day, that is completely your own: your trip to the bathroom. It is a sacred time where no one can (or indeed, wants to) talk to you. We’ve taken to leaving our phones outside, and taking a moment to slow down and smell the roses (metaphorically, of course – breathing too deeply isn’t advised). That is why we are big fans of bathroom renovation. If you’re going to have a moment to yourself, it should be somewhere pleasant. Here are a few hot tips that we have picked up over the years to make sure that you get a bathroom worthy of your daydreaming. 

  1. Choose your builder carefully.

Do they have a track record of successful bathroom renovations? Can you get recommendations from someone who’s bathroom you appreciate (both functionally and aesthetically). A bathroom is a complex build. You don’t want to get a first timer to have a stab in the dark, only to find that your shower doesn’t ever drain, or there are significant waterproofing issues down the track.

  1. Differentiate between a luxury and a necessity.

Everyone loves the image of a spacey bathtub you can swim laps in. But you need to consider how regularly you will use this, and whether you can justify the space. In our experience, many people remove the bathtub in favour of a generously spaced shower receptacle. And as far as ‘his’ and ‘hers’ double basin? You’d want acres of space before you start toying with that option.

  1. Consider your cabinetry

This is one of the best ways to create a certain style or tone for your bathroom. Just because every bathroom you’ve ever had before had very bland cabinetry, there is no reason why you can’t opt for stained wooden doors or a marble countertop. You’re the only one who has to look at it after all!


If you’re interested in bathroom renovations, give us a call today. We’re experienced, and passionate about crafting out this hallowed space for you.

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