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A good night’s sleep is a precious commodity, and those lucky enough to have no trouble dozing off and staying asleep are among life’s lucky few.  Buy kava online may help you unwind and sleep better at the end of the day, yet many of us have trouble getting to sleep on our own. The kava community and throughout the world adores kava for the fantastically potent effects it produces. Learn about the history and effects of kava if you’re seeking a natural way to unwind and get some shut-eye after a trying day.


Kava has been used for millennia for many purposes, including medicine, dispute resolution, celebrations (including weddings, births, anniversaries, and funerals), and even mourning. Kava rituals, such as the one used to inaugurate a new village chief, held significant religious and ceremonial importance for the locals. The kava bowl, or tanoa as it is known in Fiji, is used to make kava beverages. Kava is traditionally poured in a coconut cup (known as a bilo in Fiji) and is distributed to ceremonial participants in reverse order of their social standing. Kava is traditionally served first to the Chief or whoever holds the highest social position in the community.

What to Expect from Kava and How Well It Works

Both the micronized and medium grind varieties of kava are the heaviest of the kavas we sell. Heavy kavas are most well-known for their heaviness (thus the name), which induces a state of muscular and mental relaxation. Some researchers have shown that heavy kavas are more effective in inducing sleep than balanced or heady kavas, suggesting they might be used as a safe alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. Kava is often sipped by weary workers in the late afternoon, either before or after dinner, while the stomach is still empty. The following effects have been observed by those in the kava community after consuming our kava:

  • Tempered feelings
  • Quietness of mind
  • De-stressing the body’s muscles
  • reduced stress levels mentally and physically
  • put an end to anxiety
  • Reduced alertness to facilitate falling asleep
  • Induced sleepiness by natural means

What You Can Expect from Kava

  • This is a great modern take on kava that shows off the island nation.
  • If you’re looking for a way to unwind completely at the end of the day, give a try.
  • Kava might be an excellent sleep aid if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Kick Back with Kava and Relax

Want to join the kava craze that’s sweeping the United States? Try some authentic kava by placing an online purchase for Borongoru kava. To ensure the highest quality, freshness, and kava effects, all of Kalm with Kava’s kava comes straight from kava growers. Try Borongoru kava now, in either our characteristic medium grind or micronized kava form, and experience the calming effects it has on you.

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