The headmaster is running a private school in Jhargram selling tea-chop-horn

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, students stopped attending school. At that time, a headmaster in Jhargram, India, made and sold shingara, onion and sweets to pay the teachers and staff.

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It is learned that Timir Mallick, the headmaster of a private nursery school in Jhargram, did this during his coronation. Student attendance was stagnant during the epidemic.

Most of the parents could not pay the school fees. As a result, the whale was worried about paying the salaries of teachers and educators. Introducing virtual classes did not help. Students could not attend smart classes as most of the low income parents did not have smartphones. The school authorities have had to recharge the teachers’ mobiles for the reverse online class.

Unable to find a way, the post-graduate whale trade in trumpets, onions, chops and sweet shops. The shop has been running well for the last year and a half. 15 teachers and 6 education workers are getting regular salary with the profit money.

Established in 1997, the private school has two branches. One is Bengali medium, the other is English. Before Corona, there were 650 students from pre-nursery to fourth grade.

At the beginning of 2020, due to Corona, the number of students started decreasing. Timir said the capital was enough to pay the salaries of teachers and educators for at least two months. Thinking about what would happen next, I decided to open a chop-sweet shop.

Timir had three kathas of land in Purushottampur of Bandhgora panchayat in Jhargram block on the outskirts of the city. The shop started there in September 2020.

The whale started frying chop-horn by itself. Sandwip Narayan Dev, Arpan Nanda, Kalpana Singh, Mall Dalui, Durga De-ra, teachers of the school, accompanied the headmaster. Gradually the residents of the surrounding villages of Tiakati, Sushanigeria, Antapati, Tipashol became regular customers of the shop.  

The shop is next to the 10th ward of the forest town. Many people in the city who come for morning or evening walks fall in love with the tea-chop from the whale shop. Now, of course, the artisan has left the whale. Various things have also increased. In the morning you can find Italian, Hinge Kachuri, Ghugani, Potato Chop, Tea. Sweets include Pantua, Rasgolla, Gaja, Sweet, Yogurt. In the afternoon horn, vegetable chop, egg chop, egg chowmein, chicken chowmein, chicken cutlet. The price is also low.

The name of the shop is ‘Spark 2020’. Timir said, “I have given this name as a proof of turning around during Corona.” Why only chop industry, success comes only if you do any work with devotion.

 Recently, Durga Dey, a schoolteacher, suffered a heart attack. Timir was also able to assist in his treatment. The headmaster also dreams of opening an unpaid school for indigenous children on the land next to the shop. Pratap Chandra, a teacher by profession and a resident of Jhargram town, and Ashwini Daluira of Antpati village also say that Mastermashai has proved that no task is small.

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