The government wants to remove PTI from politics through the case: Imran

Former Pakistani Prime Minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan has accused the government of trying to oust his party from politics through foreign aid cases. He demanded that the cases of PPP, PTI and PML-N be heard at the same time to ensure transparency in the trial. Imran made the remarks at a rally at Bagh-e-Jinnah in Karachi on Saturday. News of Geo News.

Imran Khan arrived in Karachi on a charter flight yesterday. He was welcomed by party leaders and activists, including PTI leader Imran Ismail and former National Assembly Speaker Asad Kaiser.

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Later, Imran gathered at Bagh-e-Jinnah. He thanked the people of the city for their support and participation in the rally. He said the purpose of his visit to Karachi was not to protect the interests of PTI. Rather, this has been done with the future of Pakistan and its children in mind.

At one point in his speech, Imran brought up the issue of money laundering case against PTI. He claimed that a case has been filed against PTI for leaving the political arena. “I would say that the foreign aid case and the corruption case against him (Shahbaz Sharif) should be heard together,” said Imran. NAB).

Imran added, “If you push us against the wall, you will be the losers, not the country.” We have to be peaceful. ”

In his address to the gathering, Imran Khan asked the audience to listen carefully to his words. Let them know if there is any conspiracy to remove Imran. He urged those who believe there was a conspiracy to oust Imran to raise their hands in support.

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