The G.U.M.S. Procedure – A Quick and Simple Way to Get Pink Gums

G.U.M.S. Procedure - The Quick and Easy Way to Get Pink Gums

G.U.M.S. Procedure – The Quick and Easy Way to Get Pink Gums


If you’re one of the many people who have always been too self-conscious to smile because your gums are dark and discolor, there’s good news. You can get pink gums permanently with G.U.M.S., our patent cosmetic procedure that gently brushes away the thin layer of pigment-producing cells from dark gums. In two or three weeks, pinkening will be complete to clients’ joy and their brightest smile ever!


1) A common condition of the gums is call leukoplakia which is an abnormality in the gum tissue that can either be cancerous or non-cancerous, and pink gums are often a sign of this disease. However, there are some less serious reasons for whitening your gums, too: 2) smoking such as diabetes, 3) chronic illnesses, 4) genetic susceptibility, 5) laser therapy and 6) scaling and root planing or S&RP. So what should you do if you want to brighten up your smile? 7) It may be worth looking into our new Gingival Uniformity Modulation System (GUMS).


Individuals can protect their gums by avoiding smoking, such as diabetes, Chronic illnesses, Genetic susceptibility, laser therapy, Scaling and root planing for at least two weeks after the treatment. GUMS is a popular procedure in which dark gums are gently brush away to reveal pink gums in two or three weeks! So have your dentist start brushing on pink today with G.U.M.S., the quick and easy way to get pink gums!


Do you have problems with pigment accumulation in your gums? Ever wish there was a way to get pinker, brighter teeth and healthier gums? GUMS is your answer! This easy process delivers unbelievable results that last for weeks after just one quick session of the our patent procedure. With the simple step-by-step protocol, GUMS is the perfect solution for everybody that’s looking for a safe, fast, and easy cosmetic solution with noticeable results.


What is the GUMS Procedure? This is a procedure that can whiten gums from 1-3 shades in just two or three weeks! It’s a professional teeth whitening solution that gently removes the thin layer of pigment-producing cells on dark gums, which takes an average of 2-3 treatments. What do you mean by gentle brushing? This is not scraping your teeth with abrasive cleaners or sticking them in harsh bleaching trays for 45 minutes to an hour every day! Our clients report feeling less sensitivity after their first treatment, and we’ve seen excellent results with less than one week! Is there anything I need to do before the GUMS procedure?


The GUMS treatment starts by receiving a dental cleaning at our office, before heading home and then returning for the treatment. After the laser is use on their teeth, clients must avoid food or drink that is not water while they have this proceure done in order to keep it safe. Clients will leave with puffy pink gums after GUMS has been complete, so they need to be careful when brushing their teeth as well. However, once they have heal, they will be able to show off their beautiful new smile as well as a healthy set of gums!

What procedure treats gum disease?

Gingival Uniformity Modulation System or in short call GUMS. The result is G.U.M.S our patent cosmetic process to gently brush away the thin layer of pigment-producing cells from dark gums. In two or three weeks, pinkening will be complete to clients’ joy and their brightest smile ever.

GUMS is a reliable, safe and simple solution for most types of discoloration problems of the gum tissue including:

What are the different types of gum surgery?

There are three types of gum surgery: scaling, polishing, and restoring teeth. Scaling involves removing plaque from the gumline around teeth. Polishing cleans up rough spots on teeth. Restoring teeth sets in place fracture or knock out teeth that were previously position by braces or wires to make a space for missing teeth.

What is gum treatment at dentist?

Most of the time, teeth-staining occurs when there is too much saliva in the mouth for long periods of time or if we do not brush our teeth properly. Once these streaks have begun to form, they can be hard to remove on your own without a visit to the dentist’s office. Dr. ____ will assess what needs to be done, while making sure that you have a thorough understanding of the process along with any additional questions you may have before starting treatment so there are no surprises on the day of your appointment . This gum whitening procedure can take two or three weeks for complete results.

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