The flags of Russia and Ukraine were banned at a World War II victory rally in Berlin

The flags of Russia and Ukraine were banned at a World War II victory rally in Berlin

The flags of Russia and Ukraine were banned at a World War II victory rally in Berlin, Germany. A large number of police have been deployed in various memorial rallies in Berlin, the capital of Germany, to avoid violence on the day of World War II victory. ...................................................

The Red Army of the former Soviet Union occupied Berlin six years ago. On May 9, 1945, the notorious General Zhukov of the Soviet Red Army defeated Hitler’s forces and captured Berlin. Soon after, World War II came to an end. The United States, Britain, and France, then known as the Allies, fought against Nazi Germany, but the Soviets first liberated Berlin. Victory Day has been celebrated on 9th May through various programs for a long time to commemorate this victory story. Today, the festival has started in various places from May 8.

According to a long tradition, various ceremonies are held in different monuments in Berlin on this day. This year, on May 8 and 9, 50 meetings are to be held in 15 places in Berlin. According to Berlin police, flags of Russia and Ukraine will not be displayed at these events this year, and no military instruments from either country will be played.

Earlier, Soviet symbols were displayed at 15 monuments and memorials in the capital, Berlin. Many wore military uniforms and old wartime uniforms to attend commemoration ceremonies. Police in Berlin say the law was issued because many people could use violence during Victory Day celebrations during the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Germany’s leftist circles have expressed anger over this. They say that especially on this day in Berlin, the Soviet flag is considered a special symbol of the defeat of Nazi Hitler. After the defeat of Nazi Germany and Hitler in 1945, Red Army soldiers flew a red flag with a hammer and cassette instead of the Nazi swastika flag on the roof of the German parliament or Reichstag.

Police in Berlin say large numbers of police have been deployed in the vicinity of all important Soviet war memorials across the city. Violent incidents have resulted in barricades in the Strauss des June 18, Boulevard, Dan Linden Road in Camel, Teargarten, Traptawar Park and the Soviet Memorial in Panco-Schহnholz. The sidewalk in front of the Russian embassy near the Berlin Gate has been closed. There are 1,600 police deployed around the city in Berlin.

Not only the Russian or Ukrainian flags but also the flags of the Soviet Union and the flags of the separatist regions of Luhansk and Donetsk in Ukraine were banned in these areas.

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