The court directed to take legal action against the young woman who took a stand demanding marriage

The court has directed to take legal action against the girl who took up residence in her boyfriend’s house demanding marriage in Barguna.

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Judge Md Mahbub Alam of Barguna Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court directed the officer-in-charge of Betagi police station on Tuesday (10).Plaintiff’s lawyer Simul Islam Rabbi informed the matter.He said Mahmudul Hasan and his family were harassed by a young woman from Jamalpur. He entered the house illegally and blocked Mahmudul Hasan’s uncle there. So on behalf of Mahmudul’s family, he filed an application in the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court to take legal action against the girl. The court directed the OC of Betagi police station to take action against the girl. He also said that the written instructions could reach the police station in the afternoon.

In this regard, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Betagi Police Station Md. Shah Alam Hawlader said that he had visited the house where the girl had taken her position more than once. No legal action was taken by the police as the family and no one had lodged a written complaint with the police.

He further added that he has not yet received the court order and it will be complied with as soon as possible.

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