The Charm Of Real-Time Broadcasting Of Texas Hold’em Tournament

The Charm Of Real-Time Broadcasting Of Texas Hold'em Tournament

The beginning came from the thought that ‘It would be okay if we made poker a sport with a strong image and strong scent of gambling’. As a result of thinking for a long time, I made a small hole in the table and installed a camera to manage the game, manage the player’s image, and manage the game speed. Then, there were cases where up to 16 cameras were installed. After that, the hold dome game will be established as a very dynamic and enjoyable sports show in which brain and psychological warfare coexist. There are also a lot of dynamic attractions that could not be seen in the original poker relay, contributing greatly to the rising popularity. And the fact that you can predict the winner of the game by looking at the cards the player has through the table where the camera is installed appeals greatly to the viewers’ psychology as a point of observation.

A player with a weak card with a bad power folds a player with a very good card with a strong bet with a strong bet All the viewers couldn’t help but go crazy. And each time the community cards are opened one by one, the situation and ranking of the players in the game are reversed. Two famous channels competed to broadcast this competition. In the end, the one company that released the entire Wednesday night prime time will eventually acquire the rights to air this contest. In the match broadcast, the directing and the camera properly mix the strengths, and it is established as the best content among the best of this channel. The basic principle of the tournament is that all participants pay the same amount as the entry fee. In large-scale tournaments, there were many cases where there was set prize money regardless of the number of participants in each host. In addition, depending on the organizer and venue, separate entrance fees were paid. At first, the blinds start with a maximum of 20,000 won, but as time goes on; the blinds go up and rise.

Each time a match is played and repeated, the winner is selected from among up to 10 players, excluding the loser.

If players are eliminated from the game, the table will be adjusted. If 200 people play the game, 10 people will start at 20 tables. After that, if there is a dropout, the number of tables will be gradually reduced under a certain rule. This is to adjust the number of players in each table because the number of players has a great influence on the game. This method will continue until the final winner is revealed.

Here, the final winner takes the full prize money, but in most cases, it is distributed to the top 20 people.

In a tournament, the last person to be eliminated will be 2nd and the last to be eliminated will be 3rd. If two players are eliminated at the same time, the prize money will be split equally. So, in order not to be eliminated from the Hold’em Tournament, you have to put in a lot of effort. Having a lot of chips doesn’t win, and the person who survives to the end and avoids being eliminated wins.

Several casinos in Korea are operating and introducing these games against the worldwide craze that Texas Hold’em has. Online Hold’em Site, Online 홀덤사이트, Hold’em Online, etc. are also introduced and operated. Several domestic companies and sites offer hold’em site recommendations and help online hold’em recommendations. Currently, some casinos are operated by contacting Texas Hold’em dealers, and there are casinos that operate hold’em by training their dealers. Of course, compared to the number of tables in baccarat and blackjack roulette, it is still quite insufficient.

The pitching method and technique of Texas Hold’em, which is slightly different from the dealing method of existing games, is completed due to long practice and long training. I think it is a very good phenomenon and desirable that hold’em be introduced to satisfy the needs and game desires of customers who are getting higher and higher day by day and to create and influx new customers.

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