The Betting Exchange in Italy is returning to normal

Political errors, between the Dignity decree and the 0.5% tax, have put a strain on the legal gaming sector in Italy to the advantage of the illegal one, but the worst seems to be over.

Analyzing the latest news leaks and data from September 2021 it seems that the exchange is returning to normal.

We remind you that with the Dignity decree the possibility of promoting legal gaming was prohibited and this has damaged the entire sector in Italy, both physically and online. With the introduction of the 0.5% tax, the paradox was even reached that in the case of Punta and Banca bets, operators had to pay more money than they earned, forcing to suspend some gaming accounts .

The suspension of gaming accounts of Italian citizens has led some of them to play on platforms not authorized by ADM: a sensational own goal by the Italian state.

The Lazio Regional Administrative Court also confirmed that ADM must review the method of calculating the tax, but nothing has changed, probably because the decree of the former Conte government was done too badly to allow the Ministry of Finance to correct it.

The first element that suggests a return to normality is the indiscretion detected by our editorial staff, and also confirmed by Agimeg in the article of 12 October 2021, for which the bookmakers should have already paid the maximum 50 million foreseen for the tax 0.5%.

The second figure we found is that, despite the suspension of some gaming accounts, in September 2021 there was a matched volume on the Betfair 1X2 final outcome market of around € 52,000,000, lower than € 65,000. .000 last year, but higher than the 44,000,000 in 2019 and 37,000,000 in 2018.

The growth of the Betting Exchange in Italy has been constant since 2014, the year of its birth, and apart from the months in which there were no football matches due to the covid emergency, the only brake on this sector came precisely from the incorrect tax of 0.5%.

Will Betfair suspended player accounts be cleared? Probably it will soon be done, but it is evident that an ignorant policy in the gaming sector and on important issues such as that of gambling addiction has created more damage than solutions.

In fact, gambling addiction is fought through legal gambling, with gambling limits and correct advertising information. Here in Italy, on the other hand, in the era of the Conte government, years of good work by the Ministry of Finance were destroyed. It is hoped that with the new Draghi government it will be understood that not only the gambling sector employs thousands of citizens, but that Italy is at the forefront in the protection of players.

The paradox has it that there are today in Italy video games with loot box systems that are in our view more dangerous in terms of gambling addiction. Video games are mainly played by minors and there are no spending limits.

The video game sector should be better regulated with regard to loot boxes and the ADM legal sites should be taken as a model. Will politics understand this? Probably not, if it continues to ignore the fact that legal gambling protects Italian citizens and that war must rather be waged on illegal unauthorized sites.

We believe that restoring advertising on legal gaming and focusing attention on the regulation of in-app purchases in video games on consoles and mobile are the next steps both to protect Italian citizens and to increase revenue from the Treasury.

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