The Best Professional E-Commerce Marketplace Software

E-commerce is a vibrant industry today. With the customer demand for doorstep delivery and the impact of COVID-19, E-commerce sales are on the rise. The market that was USD 84 billion in value in 2021,  is expected to grow to USD 111.40 billion in India by 2025.

If you’re interested in E-commerce, this growth is an opportunity for you. However, choosing the right online software will make or break your business. That’s why we recommend you choose the best customisable marketplace software.

Why Should You Choose Customisable Software?

Such software allows you to integrate an endless number of customisations into your E-commerce website. We’ve made a list of features you can customise:

  • Product Comparisons: Allow your customers to find a product of their choice, and then compare it to similar products, seamlessly.
  • Multiple Variant Option: It allows you to list more than a single variant for a product. For instance, you can list a regular t-shirt in five different colours within seconds. You can also add parameters like the size of the product.
  • Intuitive Multi-Vendor Architecture: The customisable multi-vendor architecture makes seller onboarding easy. You can use the in-built dashboard to manage your sellers, their commissions, etc.
  • Special Category Distribution: You can categorise the fee for your sellers easily, based on an endless number of characteristics like foregrounding, highlighting, defining, bordering, etc.
  • Easy Commissioning and Listing Fee Management: You can use the software to segregate seller commissions, levy fees depending upon lists and feature accentuations, and announce products in any order you like.
  • Front-End Product Filters: It makes the customer experience of your store simple. Customers can use front-end product filters, based on product attributes, to search for exactly what they want. It increases the accessibility of your E-commerce store.
  • Integrated Solutions: The best marketplace software offers numerous integration tools. You can use a Joomla extension from your dashboard to optimise your store. It also allows you to manage inventory and have full control over it as well!

We recommend you choose the best customisable marketplace software, and give your business a head-start over your competitors. Additionally, this software is entirely free to use!

The Free Shopping Cart

The best marketplace software online, also allows you to make use of a free shopping cart. You can customise numerous features like reward points, layout editors, promotions, up to 70 different payment options, etc. This shopping cart, also has an in-built shipping calculator that can calculate shipping charges based on a customer’s geographical location, in seconds. Thus, a free shipping cart ensures your customers have a smooth experience.

If you want to launch an E-commerce business, we recommend using the best customisable marketplace software. You get absolute freedom over your store and how your customers experience it. Additionally, seller management is made easy with the integrated dashboard. We suggest you go online and sign up today. The software is absolutely free to use and allows you to build a store within 15 minutes. Start your E-commerce store with the best software and steam ahead of your competition today!

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