The Benefits Of Newton Color Electronic Freezer Labels

Newton 4-Color SOLUMESL

Having newton color electronic freezer labels can benefit your retail business in various ways. As a retailer, you should strive to stay more green and reduce inventory loss. Quick changes to your prices can help you move through products more quickly. In case you notice that a certain product is not moving as you expected it to, you can adjust the prices to see if there will be some improvement.

With newton color electronic labels, adjusting your promotional pricing has never been easier. This means that running promotions as well as getting rid of slow stock in your retail store has also never been easier. If you sell perishable stock in your store, this is even more important. Studies show that 40 percent of food produced is wasted, so cutting this down by using electronic labels may make a huge difference. It can save both you (the retailer) and the consumer money while at the same time helping to minimize waste.

Another benefit of the newton color electronic freezer labels is that they are more accurate and can help save your employees’ time. Electronic pricing is much easier to edit and always more accurate. You employees will not need to waste a lot of their time making hundreds of small changes around the store. If you subject your staff to such tedious work, it means that there will inevitably be mistakes in pricing around your store. A lot of retailers also provide products at the price that they are listed instead of the actual price, so just a small mistake can become very costly in the end.

With smart labels newton color , changes can be made en masse from the back-end, and mistakes can be fixed very quickly instead of requiring manual changes that leave room for the same thing to happen again in future.

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