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The Benefits of Hoists in Aged Care

As we age, we face a multitude of challenges with mobility and the like. Making these challenges easier to manage is possible with a range of innovative products. In aged care, movement and independence can be compromised so providing systems to assist the caregiver and elder is crucial. With the addition of a hoist or lifting machine, aged care becomes easier for everyone.

Safety & Comfort

Lifting a human can be uncomfortable for the lifter and the person being lifted. This can also be intrusive and embarrassing for the elder causing a loss of dignity and self-esteem. A hoist or lifting machine makes the transferring of people simple and comfortable for both the elder and the caregiver. Facing challenges with mobility is a given with old age but the lifting process can stay simple with conventional systems.

Trips and falls can happen often for those with low mobility. A hoist or lifting machine minimizes the chance of these mishaps. Pulled muscles are also very common in older people, especially when moving. A lifting machine reduces the risk of these incidents.

Sitting still can be debilitating to the mind and to the body. Providing someone with a simple way to be moved can assist in self-esteem and assist in their muscle and bone mobility. Moving around is crucial and using a hoist makes this easier.

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Convenience & Efficiency

Saving time with an easy-to-use system makes lifting less strenuous for the caregiver and for the elder. With the ability to be used by one caregiver, a hoist is an ideal addition to any aged care facility.


A ceiling or floor hoist also takes up little to no space making it convenient to the house in any environment. Making it quicker and easier for caregivers to move people from location to location, hoists provide a less challenging option than psychically lifting people.


Types of Lifting Machines

Floor Lifters

Floor lifters are maneuverable, light, and free-standing, offering a convenient way to lift elders in aged care. These are a great option for aged care facilities as they can be moved from room to room. They also provide the option of moving people from chairs, the floor, or beds easily. Check out our extensive range of floor lifters to see which would suit your facility.


Ceiling Hoists

A permanent fixture in your facility, a ceiling hoist is ideal for long-term elders who need constant moving. Durable and lightweight, a ceiling hoist offers a fast and efficient way to transfer people from beds to chairs and the like. Our wide range of ceiling hoists is perfect for a range of facilities.


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The benefits of hoists and lifting machines are broad and there is no denying your facility and elders would gain from these innovative systems. Offering an extensive range of hoist solutions for your aged care facility, CHS has your needs covered. For more information on what CHS can do for you, contact us today!

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