The Active Traveler ? Why Sports Can Help With Your Travels

Explore more outlandish places. Try a country that isn’t as popular. You may find food and activities cheaper than in places that are easily accessible to tourists. Because exchange rates are so low, many Asian countries such as Bali can be cheaper to visit. Move a little further from the center of cities and islands. Check out the cost to stay at your resort as well as the cost of other activities that you might enjoy while away. Seek out the activities included in your hotel’s cost. You might find that you’re getting a lot for a small increase in price. If you were going to buy those items anyway, do it.

This bali travel tip should be kept in mind as you set foot on the tropical island after a 12 hours long haul flight. If someone approaches you with a “better price”, decline immediately.

Research makes it easier. You will be more efficient on the road if you do your research. However, it is important to be able to adapt and open to new experiences. What incentive will people have to read your writings if all you do and see is stuff that others have already done? I don’t like to read about stuff everyone else has done.

I went for an easy walk along the beach. It was nothing to write home about. This is a typical northern Balinese beach with black volcanic sand. The few hawkers were again restrained. I was able see some fishing boats at the sea with the setting sun in background and a young man seated cross-legged making his prayer offer.

One memory I can recall is when my wife, my son, nusa penida tour and travel daughter were visiting the Bali Safari park. They were taking a photo with an orangutan and then we were going to see the photos taken after my son fell down the step. His face was covered in blood. The guide asked me if he could grab him and run to the first-aid room. I raced after my son and followed the worker at Bali Safari Park to get his head all bandaged and cleaned. The staff did a great deal to care for my son.

With beaches in every direction you turn, Bali offers its visitors a plethora of sandy fun for the whole family. You are on a honeymoon in Bali? There are great activities for couples, too!

This temple is definitely the “mother” of all temples; it’s located on the hill of Mount Agung and it is made up of courtyards with altars and shrines devoted to a number of gods. Ask for a guide, but don’t forget to bargain about the cost.

I had planned to stop near Tulamben to take a look at the wreckage of a WW2 US cargo vessel that was only 30m offshore. It was also about 30m underwater. There were plenty of offers to hire us diving and snorkeling gear but we decided to give it a miss and head for tonight’s accommodation. Eileen began a game of “I Spy” with the children to keep them entertained.

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